Although it hasn’t been too warm yet, spring will be embracing us with its warmer days and nights soon enough. So if you are a home owner and have a pool, either above ground or in-ground, you may be looking to add some water features and plan some better looking pool side landscaping.

Here we’ll look at the most popular options.

Pool Side Landscaping Rockland NY

Pool Side Landscaping Rockland NY

1. Waterfalls and Ponds

Not every water feature needs to be combined with a pool area, so if you don’t have a pool you still have loads of options. Self recycling water falls and coy ponds make for a great addition to any landscape design. They not only add beautiful aesthetics to the entire scenery, but really don’t have to be overly expensive when working with a reputable landscape contractor.

2. Pool Side Irrigation

When most of us think of pool side landscaping we think of shrubs, flowers and other aspects like natural laid stone and more. But, did you know that one of the most popular pool side water features is actually a sprinkle system that keeps pool patios cool when being used in the hot sun, and also ensures that all surrounding plant life is well hydrated no matter how brutal the heat is.

3. Having A Pool Built

If you’re planning to have a new pool built or remodel your current aquatic area, consider the options you have when hiring a landscaping company who will actually work hand in hand with your pool contractor. This allows a seamless flow of design concepts along with practical installations that all pools require. Also, when the pool is finished being built the landscapers move in and really bring the entire project full circle to completion.

We work directly with any pool developers you may hire to ensure the landscaping is up to the standards you’d expect from Pro Cut. For the best Pool Side Landscaping Rockland NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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