Whether you are a business owner with a commercial space or a home owner, if your patios and walkways are dated and in need of repair or to be completely redone, you’ll have loads of options to choose from as far as styles and designs. If you know what you want or conversely are unsure, hiring the right professional for this sort of specialized work will make all the difference in the quality of work completed.

Pavers Rockland County NY

Pavers Rockland County NY

Here we look at a few key points you should consider before hiring any hardscaping professional.

1. Insured & Licensed

Because of the nature of this sort of work with jackhammers, diggers, pavers, backhoes, etc. it is absolutely critical to make sure anyone you hire has valid and current insurance and licensing’s where required. Never, under any circumstances allow work to be done by a contractor unwilling to show valid insurance or who has none.

2. Experience & Past Work

If you are serious about a project of this size it is a good idea to make sure the contractor you are considering is not only experienced but also willing to show you past examples of their work. This can not only help you in planning the design of your choice but is also a testament to the quality of their past work and what you can expect.

3. Free Estimates

Any landscaping or hardscaping contractor who charges for in-home estimates should be put into question. What if you need help or are unsure of what is possible based on size of your yard, etc? Free estimates should be a given for projects of this size and cost.

Whether looking for commercial landscaping and hardscaping, or for your home, be sure to do some research and at the very least ask around. With even just a few minutes online you can find the most reputable contractors in your area. For the best Patio Pavers Rockland Coutny NY, look no further than your trusted neighbor for over 25 years, Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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