The school year is nearly over and the weather is finally starting to stay warm consistently through the day and night. If your home landscaping is looking a bit beaten up from this years extremely harsh winter, now is the best time to start planning an update or new project. Here we’ll look at some of the best landscape design options to consider.

Home Landscaping Rockland County NY

Home Landscaping Rockland County NY

1. Trees & Shrubs

With so much heavy snow and ice this winter, many trees may have been damaged or even toppled. A simple and effective way to improve the look and feel around your home and yard can be new tree varieties or other variations of plants. Whether lining your home, along the driveway, in the backyard, at the poolside, or any other area; more trees and plants always ads more life and vibrancy during the warm spring, summer, and beautiful autumn.

2. Retaining Walls

If your home is located in a hilly or steep area, retaining walls may have been damaged over the winter, through shifting, or even collapsed entirely. It’s time to start planning those repairs right now. On the other hand, if you don’t yet have a retaining wall on your property, perhaps this is the year to make it a priority. With a wide range of stone varieties, designs, and shapes to choose from it can be fun to plan and will make a great addition to your homes landscape.

3. Who To Hire

This is always the most important question to get right. When you’ve made your mind up on what sort of project you’d like to see completed this year, look for a landscape contractor who has been in business for awhile in our area, who has the tools expertise to finish the job properly & on time, as well as all of the legally required insurance and certifications that is required with this sort of work.

With even just a few minutes searching online or asking around locally, you can find the best landscaping company for the job. For more than 25 years of local expertise and the finest in Home Landscaping Rockland County NY, look no further than Pro Cut Landscaping and get a free quote today. 845-727-8815

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