Having a well put together landscape design can mean much more than cut grass and healthy plants. When considering the large number of outdoor features you can consider, being creative is a great way to really set the tone of your home’s outdoor aesthetics. One of the most functional and good looking possibilities is a retaining wall, serving many different purposes, here we’ll look at some of the benefits.

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

1. Functionality

Retaining walls are typically installed to keep soil in place, prevent sink holes from forming or getting worse, helpful in flood prevention, reducing erosion & maintenance needs, and help in preventing damage to property or surrounding structures. These are the main functional benefits that a retaining wall can provide to your landscape design as well as aesthetic advantages, prevention of slope movement and provide support for a near vertical landscape that needs to help being held in place.

2. Aesthetics

Not only are well built retaining walls functional in many aspects, but also serve as a great way to add decorative features to your yard. They can create a distinct look and offer home owners a number of different stone, styles, and layout varieties to choose from allowing for further customization and artistic design. They make great additions for garden areas, pool areas, water features, and can work well with paver patios and walkways as well.

3. Who To Hire

If you have a retaining wall in need of a repair or are looking to have a new installation completed this warm season, knowing who to hire doesn’t have to be difficult and with even just a minimal amount of research online you can determine who will make the best fit for your upcoming project. Ask questions and get help in all stages from the layout through to work completion if you need it.

Any new landscape features you’re considering can offer a number of advantages and benefits, both in terms of functionality as well as the look and feel of your outdoor decor. For the finest in Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than 25+ years of local expertise at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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