Typically when we think of large excavation projects we don’t necessarily think of our local landscaping expert, but no longer is that the case. With today’s modern machinery, well qualified landscaping contractors are becoming more well qualified and well rounded in the services they’re able to offer. When considering landscape excavation, be sure to keep in mind a few important key factors we’ll cover below before hiring anyone.

Landscape Excavation Rockland County NY

Landscape Excavation Rockland County NY

1. Experience

It’s one thing to have a large excavator, it’s another thing entirely to know how to use it properly and safely. When considering moving large amount of rock and earth, it is not as simply as starting to dig with machinery. Permits may be required and mapping out critical components like electrical lines and water lines underground is absolutely essential to ensure a project goes off without any major problems or property damage. After all, hitting power lines can not only shut down electricity to an entire neighborhood but also cause fatal electrocution, no laughing matter.

2. Planning

When you’re ready to hire a landscape excavation company, it is important to have your blue prints and planning either already completed, or to be completed with the excavation team themselves. Measurements are critical to making sure work is done consistently and on time, as well as needing to work with the measurements of your new pool or new home that is being installed and constructed. As they say, “measure twice and cut once” (or in this case dig once).

3. Who To Hire

Not all landscapers are created equal, not only in terms of the equipment and size of project they can be hired for, but also in terms of experience, insurance coverage, licences, and certifications. Before hiring someone straight away be sure to do some research, see how knowledgeable they are and if you can get help in the planning stage through to work completion.

There are a few options when considering large landscaping design projects, whether that is a new path or walkway, paver patio, pool, or a brand new home. For the finest in Landscape Excavation Rockland County NY, look no further than 25+ years of local expertise at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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