Despite the well known fact that Cicadas only come around once every 17 years, a less known fact is the amount of property and landscaping damage that they can cause. In fact, each time Cicadas emerge from the earth they cause nearly 1 to 2 billion dollars worth of damage across the nation, yes that is billion. An average home owner can watch treest and shrubs become covered and eaten down to twigs, not to mention all of the damage to the ground itself as they exhume themselves from their underground lairs.

Lawn Pest Control Rockland County NY

Lawn Pest Control Rockland County NY

So what sort of options do you have to protect your landscaping and home from these invasive insects? We here at Pro Cut understand the problem that is the Cicada invasion and have a number of options to help prevent this sort of wide spread damage occuring at our clients homes or commercial spaces.

Our team knows full well the nuissance that is the Cicada species, and although they do have a right to live as all life on earth does, we can still take measures to help reduce their damage. There isn’t much we can do about the overwhelming sound of millions of cicadas singing or speaking to eachother in unison, but we can protect your grass, plants, and trees with lawn pest control methods preventing and reducing damages caused by the hungry species.

They’re officially here and we’ve already seen some major damage to Maple trees and other varieties they love to consume, and though you may think a problem once every 17 years is no cause for concern, you can wake up to a destroyed landscape before you know it. For the best Lawn Pest Control Rockland County NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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