We’re all well aware we had a pretty rough winter. From Hurricane Sandy to snow storms, many home and commercial landscapes took a good amount of abuse over the cold months. Now that the snow and ice are soon to melt and warm weather is fast approaching, you may see that trees and plants have been damaged or even destroyed. Hiring a professional local arborist landscape professional saves you the time, energy, and potential danger of trying to scale trees to remove broken limbs or prune.

Tree Removal Rockland County NY

Tree Removal Rockland County NY

Tree Removal

If a tree is too far damaged to have a simple pruning make it look OK, whether it was knocked down over the winter, split into pieces, or uprooted, removing a tree (no matter the size) can be dangerous and impossible without the right tools and manpower. If your property has need to clear a dying tree or damaged tree, contact your local landscape professional for a quote on the costs and time frames for complete removal. They can even offer suggestions for what would be a suitable replacement.


If a tree is damaged but not to the point of death or decay, a simple pruning job may suffice. But “simple” may not be the proper term as arborists may need to climb the tree to unsafe and unsteady heights, here it is absolutely important to rely on a professional. They are familiar with the species of trees in our area and your home, and have the right tools to get the job done as safely as possible.

Planting New Installations

After your dead or damaged trees are removed, you may be considering a suitable replacement. That may mean planting a young tree which will grow over its lifetime, or it may mean doing something completely different to your landscape design. Things like gardens and other plant installations make for great replacements and offer a lot of options to you.

Because working on tree tops, tree limbs, with chainsaws and axes is a dangerous professional, you will always want to leave this sort of work to the professionals. If you have questions about the process or suitable replacement species, don’t hesitate to ask. For the best in Tree Removal Rockland County NY, look no further than 25 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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