No home landscape is too small to deserve a compelling and engaging design. If you have a smaller yard and are considering getting some work done, here are a few landscape design ideas for small yards you can consider.

Landscape Design For Small Yards

Landscape Design For Small Yards

1. Theme Designs

With a smaller yard you have great opportunity to incorporate a specific theme into the landscape design. As areas are smaller and materials and costs will be lower, it allows home owners to really go for a specific theme they may enjoy. If it is a garden based theme maintenance is far less with a smaller yard, and if items need to be purchased to enhance the design, less will fill the area nicely.

2. Patio Options

Renovating a current patio or adding an entirely new patio area can be costly for large yards and projects, which is why smaller yards have great opportunity to add a beautiful and functional patio at far less cost. Is your yard small, but not so small where you can’t host events or small parties? Will a patio complement or hurt your homes outdoor decor? Have an idea of what your yard is used for and if a patio design fits within the contexts of your project and budget.

3. Gardening Options

A great addition to your yard may be a well planned garden. Whether you’re looking to grow fruits and vegetables, flowers, bushes or trees, a small yard can be ideal for garden design. You’ll need less planting materials and tools to design and maintain a small garden which is why many small landscapes do well to have a garden area.

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