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Commercial Landscaping Projects Large & Small

  Having a successful business can mean more than just offering the highest level of service and products you can. No matter what sort of business you’re in, having a great looking and welcoming commercial space can also make a difference. When it comes to getting new customers and keeping older patrons loyal, a friendly […]


Cold Weather Automated Sprinkler System Winterization

  If you have a home automated irrigation system then you’ve seen the advantages to your lawn, plants, and landscaping with the consistent flow of water. But as we move through fall and approach winter, your system will not and cannot remain active during the coldest times of the year. There is a great deal […]


Landscaping Services

We have been designing and maintaining beautiful landscapes in Rockland County New York and Bergen County New Jersey for over 25 years. Beautiful colors, spectacular design, highest quality materials; these are just a few of the aspects we include in every single one of our landscape projects. Our process begins with a free in-home consultation with one of our landscape design experts, they will walk you through the process from design and material selection to installation and future maintenance.

We have a solution for any size budget, we have completed projects with small budgets all the way up to six-figure master plans that include swimming pools, hot tubs, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and many other spectacular outdoor elements.

We understand that beautiful landscaping can be expensive, however, maximizing every dollar spent is the most important part in any high-end landscape project. Making sure each and every piece of plant materials is of the highest quality, checking to see if the irrigation system will water each plant properly, adjusting lighting systems to accent certain focal points are just some of the things that we pride ourselves in doing that stands us out from our competitors.


From small scale to large scale operations, we specialize in the finest landscape design in the region. Proudly servicing our communities for over 25 years, we specialize in everything from the design & planning, to implementation and maintenance. Click HERE For Landscape Design Page

Lawn Care

Using only organic fertilizers, our 100% chemical free lawn care services keep your yard, trees, and plants greener and healthier than ever. Contact us for a free estimate today. Click HERE For Lawn Care Page

Trees & Shrubs Installation, Maintenance, and Removal

From beautiful installations of new foliage to complete tree removal and cleaning up shrubs or branches, we pride ourselves in complete tree selection, care and removal services, no matter the size of your project. Click HERE For Tree & Shrubs Page

Drainage Systems

Sick of the rain flooding your yard and damaging your garden? We specialize in all varieties of drainage systems from French, Curtain, Foundation Drains, dry wells & catch basins, sewer & water line fixes, and complete excavation & site work. Click HERE For Drainage System Page

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

Looking to highlight an area of your landscaping or outdoor living space? Professionally designed and installed landscape and outdoor lighting can really bring a design together while adding functionality. Click HERE For Landscape Lighting Page

Decorative Landscape Gravel & Stone

Tired of mulch run off after heavy rains? Looking to reduce the amount of maintenance your landscaping, garden beds, and paths need? Choose from our selection of decorative gravel and stone. Click HERE For Landscape Gravel & Stone Page

Excavation & Site Work

We've updated our fleet with a full scale brand new excavator perfect for new home foundations, swimming pool excavations, and many other full-size projects where large machinery is needed. Click HERE For Excavation & Site Work Page

Mulch & Top Soil

Offering the widest variety of mulch and top soil mixes to suit each and every style or landscaping need is something we specialize in. Get our expert guidance in choosing the best mix for your great looking and functional landscape design. Click HERE For Mulch & Top Soil Page



Specializing in:

  • Landscape Design & Master Planning

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Tree & Shrub Planting

  • Large & Small Tree Pruning & Removal

  • Perennial & Annual Flower Gardens

  • Mulch, Top Soil & Stone Installation

  • New Lawns - Sod & Seed

  • Landscape & Walkway Lighting

  • Organic Lawn Care & Mowing

  • All Other Landscaping Needs


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