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Commercial Landscaping Projects Large & Small

  Having a successful business can mean more than just offering the highest level of service and products you can. No matter what sort of business you’re in, having a great looking and welcoming commercial space can also make a difference. When it comes to getting new customers and keeping older patrons loyal, a friendly […]


Cold Weather Automated Sprinkler System Winterization

  If you have a home automated irrigation system then you’ve seen the advantages to your lawn, plants, and landscaping with the consistent flow of water. But as we move through fall and approach winter, your system will not and cannot remain active during the coldest times of the year. There is a great deal […]


Construction & Masonry Services

A properly designed and installed hardscape is the key element to any property. Whether you are interested in a simple patio or a complex outdoor oasis equipped with a swimming pool, waterfall and outdoor kitchen, we have the right solution for your property! Don't roll the dice with other less qualified hardscape contractors. Even though most contractors are licensed and insured, this does not mean that they have real-world experience for the project at hand.

Many general contractors and other tradesmen market these types of services to their customers as a way to pickup additional work during slower months...however, you need to concern yourself with how many similar projects has the company completed? How many years experience do they have? Are they certified by the ICPI and the NCMA? Also... just because the owner of the company is certified by the ICPI and the NCMA, this does not mean that their laborers who will actually be installing your patio or retaining walls have received the same training. Here at Pro Cut, we take education very seriously, every team member is required to complete seminars and sit for ICPI and NCMA tests.

Patios & Pavers

From the smallest to the largest of projects, we specialize in the finest designed patios and pavers in the area. Whether you are looking for repairs or a complete overhaul, our certified team is ready to work with you and meet all of your needs from your starting point through work completion. Click HERE For Patios & Pavers Page

Walkways & Paths

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, a new walkway or path for your home or commercial space is a great way to really bring your landscaping together. With the widest range of design options and most experience in the region. Click HERE For Walkways & Paths Page

Retaining Walls

Have a severe slope in your yard? Need more flat surface in your landscaping? Building a pool or garden? Retaining walls are the ideal solution for a wide range of different outdoor living designs. Click HERE For Retaining Walls Page

Pools & Water Features

Whether you're having a pool installed or are looking to enhance your landscaping with some water features like ponds or waterfalls, get the expert advice you need today to help make your upcoming project easy tomorrow. If necessary we work with your pool contractor to ensure you have the best looking pool area on the block. Click HERE For Pool Landscaping & Water Features Page

Fences & Gates

Looking to add a perimeter fence, small enclosure, or gate to your property? We specialize in all varieties of fencing including wood, PVC, Country Estate fences, Delgard aluminum as well as a wide range of great looking and functional gates including Jerth. Click HERE For Fencing & Gates Page

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you're hosting a party, hanging out with friends, or cooking for the family; an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors at all times. With different grill and kitchen set ups to choose from, no design or customization is out of reach. Click HERE For Outdoor Kitchens Page

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

No longer does your outdoor living space need to be reserved for spring and summer. With and outdoor fireplace or fire pit you can keep your patio, outdoor kitchen, or deck warm and usable all year long, even during the coldest winter months. Click HERE For Outdoor Fireplaces Page

Specializing in:

  • Custom Stone Work

  • Patios, Walkways, Steps, Retaining Walls

  • Pavers, Blue Stone, Lime Stone, Concrete & Veneer

  • Pool & Waterfall Installation

  • And Any Other Hardscaping Needs


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