Top Soil, Mulch, and Stone Varieties For Paver Projects

June 13, 2019 6:08 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Thinking about a new patio or a new paver project for your home landscaping this year means more than simply hiring a jackhammer team and a backhoe to get started. You should be making more considerations and that includes things like stone varieties and styles, as well as what sort of top soil and/or mulch you’d like to have as trim. Here we’ll look at the different varieties to consider for a great looking paver project.

Patio Pavers Rockland County NY

Patio Pavers Rockland County NY

Topsoil, Mulch, and Compost Varieties For Trim

Not all soil is created equal, some is better for growing, some is better for preventing growing, while others are great for all weather and some just for warm weather. For mulch similar differences apply. Colors can be different, the smell itself of the mulch can be different, it suitability for growing will be different. There are even combinations of topsoil and dirt to consider, that are mixes which you may require. Here is the most commonly used options to consider and consult with your local landscaping contractor to make the right choice.

  • Black Shredded Mulch – dyed and shredded wood blend.
  • Brown Shredded Much – dyed and shredded wood blend.
  • Nutri-Mulch Compost – ideal for tilling a vegetable garden prior to planting for the season.
  • Premium Organic Compost – great for blending with existing toil or a darker top dressing.
  • Small Natural Bark – all natural and decorative tree bark
    Playground Woodchips – simple natural wood chips for color and soft landings.
  • Topsoil Blend – ideal for flower gardens or vegetables.
  • Topsoil Mountain Blend – great in flower or garden beds.
  • Topsoil (Screened) – sandy loam topsoil that has been screened.
  • Soil Pep Conditioner – great for blending into existing soil or a top dressing.

Stone Paver Varieties

Choosing the right stone variety for your new paver project (patio, walkways, paths, driveways, etc) is important as it’s not something that can be easily replaced or changed the way that soil or mulch can. So take careful consideration into the color, style, cut, and natural or artificial options you may or may not like. Get ideas from other people’s homes that you like or talk with your local landscaping professional about what best suits our northeastern weather and the layout of what the new project will be. Some are natural and some are artificial so keep that in mind.

  • Cobblestone – can be used in a variety of designs and creates an old-world feel.
  • Brick – A type of manufactured stone, they offer a classic look and are extremely strong and have a long durability time frame.
  • Concrete – very durable and weatherproof as well as can be laid in a variety of styles.
  • Bluestone – a natural stone that uses a mixture of particles like sand and has a blue-grayish hue that gives it it’s name.
  • Rubber – offering a totally different feel that traditional patio’s or walkways, they are non-slip and need almost no maintenance.
  • Travertine – pavers that are typically more texture and have grooves and small holes, also very durable.
  • Flagstone – natural stone cut from a quarry it is very durable, safe, and will typically stay cooler than other stones as they don’t absorb heat, great for direct sunlight and hot climates.

As you can see there can be a lot of thought put into a new patio, walkway, or driveway. More than just how you’d like things to be shaped we see that the actual materials to choose from is quite large. Be sure to consult a local Patio Pavers Rockland County NY professional for over 30 years in expertise. Call today for a free consultation and quote: 845-757-8815


Patio Paver Landscaping Design Ideas To Consider

June 10, 2019 2:56 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Having a new patio paver installed in your home this spring? Or looking to get more out of your current patio build out? Being creative when it comes to your outdoor living space can make a huge difference and turn something from ordinary to extra-ordinary. There are loads of different options to consider when it comes to decorating your patio post work completion keeping space, family needs, and budget in mind.

First things first, take a picture of your completed patio or sketch up the floor plan/patio plan with different aspects you know right off the bat that you want. Considering where to place things like an outdoor fire place, water features, retaining walls, and furniture will be important to consider before making any purchases or getting plans into motion. Larger patios will have different design possibilities to smaller patios so also keep this aspect in mind as well.

Patio Paver Contractors Rockland NY

Patio Paver Contractors Rockland NY

Choosing Furniture For Your New Patio

You’ve made the great choice of updating or installing a new backyard patio for your home. Work is nearly done or recently done, so what will you put on that patio? Leaving it blank will make is seem incomplete and leave the family wanting more out of your new outdoor area. So choosing things like the right patio furniture, outdoor lighting, and plant varieties are very important.

Metal – this variety of furniture is sturdy and well built, often it can even remain unmoved throughout the winter. Different metals like weather cast or aluminum will resist rusting and corrosion and many have great looking patterns that bring a genuine artful look to the area.

Wood – very popular for different outdoor areas, wood furniture looks great and provides a natural aesthetic to an area. Commonly used woods are redwood, cedar, and other element withstanding materials. Bring them in during the winter or store them out of the cold harsh weather.

Plastics – these are becoming more popular as the cost is less and the maintenance as well. You can find good and sturdy cost effective plastic varietal outdoor patio furniture all over the place. Easy to move and easy to clean, they must be brought in or stored during the winter.

Wicker – another type of wood furniture that is made for the outdoors is wicker. It has a great artful and natural aesthetic and is used by all varieties of families all over the country. Maintenance will be a bit more as they can get pollen, dust, and other materials in the wicker weaving and also they must be stored and winterized.

Decorating Your Patio

What you add to your patio will bring it together or leave it wanting. Patios are great for outdoor barbecues and even dinner with the family so often a wonderful dining table with glass top and an umbrella are great starting points. Have a larger patio? Have the dinner table by the grill on one side and a seating area with low cushioned couches and a table on the other. Does your patio have a walkway to a pool area or other area of your yard? Consider this when planning where to put different sorts of patio furniture.

Who To Hire To Install Your Patio

Here is one of the most important factors to ensuring that your new patio is exactly what you have envisioned. Not all local landscape and paver contractors are the same. You want to go with an experienced hand and keen eye, and that means more than a kid down the road. This sort of work has heavy lifting, needs large and dangerous equipment like backhoes to be completed, and needs to be meticulously planned and plotted from the get go. Doing a little research is easy enough these days and you should be looking for a patio paver contractor with at least a decade of experience in the area. Also, ask to see past completed work examples, not only to get design ideas, but also to see the quality of craftsmanship you should expect.

Get spring moving along with an update to your outdoor living space, and that can mean a new patio. For the best in Patio Paver Contractors Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise, right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free quote and consultation with a landscaping design expert close to home. 845-727-8815


Home Landscaping Design & Water Features This Year

May 23, 2019 9:05 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Working within the boundaries of your home landscaping doesn’t need to be limiting or hindering to your design choices and considerations. So this spring consider utilizing all the space, whether a large acre plot or a small home garden space, there are many ways to make the most of a limited area. Here we’ll look at a few new design options to accentuate your homes outdoor decor.

Landscaping Companies Westchester County NY

Landscaping Companies Westchester County NY

1. Water Features & Koi Ponds

One of the best looking ways to enhance an outdoor space is through a water feature variety. Various natural stone waterfalls that recycle water, or a Koi pond with live fish variety, can truly bring a natural feel right to your home landscaping, no matter where you live.

2. Enhanced Landscape Lighting

Another way to showcase certain portions of your landscaping is with a variety of landscape lighting options. For example, if you have a flower bed or a water feature, it is a nice touch to enhance that space with lighting and spotlighting to continue enjoying its look even when the sun goes down.

3. Working With A Local Expert

Not just every landscaper has the expertise or licensing to create a water feature which utilizes the local water table and piping. This is not a project for anyone but the most seasoned professionals so be sure to do some research into the sort of landscaping company you are considering working with.

For the best in Landscaping Companies Westchester County NY, look no further than right here at 30 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Best Time For A New Pool Or Renovation

May 2, 2019 3:15 pm
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Spring is moving right along and you may be wondering, is this the year we install that pool I promised the kids? Or is this the year you’ll have the pool remodeled or completely renovated? Well, there is no better time than right here in the heart of spring to seriously start considering your options.

Pool Renovation Rockland County NY

Pool Renovation Rockland County NY

New Pool Build

So, if you’re starting from scratch you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. First and foremost, will you be looking for an in-ground or above ground pool? Getting permits is the first step, but also choosing above or below ground. Talk to your family, talk to your pool contractor, and weigh the pros and cons of each. In-ground pools are typically larger and can be greater customized. Above ground pools cost less (filter system, chemicals, etc), but also offer less customization. In-ground will be a little more work but also you can add diving boards and water slides. No matter what, making the decision to install a pool is the first step.

Pool Remodeling/Renovation

So, for an in-ground pool a remodel will more likely mean new tiling options or new pool area updates. Like a change in the coping or adding an attached hot tub, or even what new trees and plants will go around the pool. Water features like coy ponds or waterfalls can really bring a pool area together and are relatively easy projects to get started and completed. So, see where your pool is lacking. Does it need an attached outdoor kitchen and fire place? Or how about a bar area and cabana?

Above ground remodels and renovations will be a little different. Changes to the siding or surround plants can be considered, or a complete change to a more modern and updated above ground pool. Energy efficient filter systems should be considered and less toxic pool water chemicals as well. Renovations don’t just have to be physical they can also be existential in the maintenance (chemical changes) or surrounding plant varieties.

Adding A Pool Area Deck

In-ground pools you can attach to a low standing deck or patio area. While above ground pools can have a little bit more decking options to consider. How about a bi-level deck that ends surrounding the pool? These are getting more and more popular and are a great way to connect your back deck on a bi-level home to your pool in the back yard and make for a great family and and party “compound” (or at least the appearance of a compound).

Having and using a pool this summer will mean different things for different families. Whether installing a new pool, or remodeling your current one, don’t waste anymore time and get moving. The summer season will be here before we know it and having your pool in-tow and ready to be enjoyed doesn’t have to take long or cost too much.

For the best in Pool Renovation Rockland County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise here at your all-in-one home landscaping and care solution, Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free consultation. 845-727-8815


Spring 2019 – Must Have Custom Home Landscaping Options

April 24, 2019 6:51 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Warm weather is finally here and we can safely assume it will more or less stick around. More than likely we won’t have another snow storm at this point (although it has happened before this far into spring), so here we’ll look at the best home landscaping options you should be considering right now. Whether considering large scale projects like a custom pool or a new outdoor kitchen, or simpler options like new flower or plant varieties, here we’ll look at a comprehensive list.

Custom Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY

Custom Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY

1. New Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetables and Mulch

So you should really be having your mulch and soil maintained each and every year. That can mean turning it over so the fresh soil/mulch under the surface is brought to the top, or a complete re-mulch. This will add beautiful color and odor, not to mention it will allow your plant choices to thrive. Flowers offer color, fragrance, and wildlife (bees, humming birds, etc); and they can truly bring a landscape full circle offering a complete and beautiful look. Trees and shrubs are in the same vein. Add some color and coverage with fast growing trees that are investments into your home. Garden vegetables? The right soil with the right sprinkler system can make any garden thrive. So be sure to start picking up your seeds as its time to start planting!

2. Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

As we all know, the summer is hot and has a lot of sun that will damage your lawn. When temperatures exceed 90 and the sun UV index is equally as high, plants suffer. So an automated sprinkler system with attached timers and rain sensors can keep everything healthy and hydrated without you having to go and manually hose or sprinkler different areas. Thinking of a gardening some vegetables or have a raised bed this year? A sprinkler system is a great fit to save time and keep your vegetables hydrated and happy. Happy vegetables grow faster and larger and also offer better flavor, the most important aspect of a vegetable garden!

3. Custom Patios & Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor patio is a must have for most properties. Whether connected to a low standing ground floor deck, underneath your bi-level deck, or connected to a pool area; an outdoor patio invites you and your family to spend more time outdoors. Do some sun bathing or just hang out for afternoon cocktails and conversation, a custom patio offers all of these along with customization options regarding stone varieties, seating arrangements and retaining wall design. A great addition to a patio is a custom outdoor kitchen. This creates a truly outdoor living space where you can prepare and eat meals and spend more time outside during the warm weather months. Options like a fireplace or custom bar will allow you to be creative when it comes to this sort of home landscaping design.

4. Fence Updates and Options

Looking to get rid of that old property line fence that is falling apart and seems like an oversight form the original owners? Updating with an estate style modern fence, classical white picket, natural stone, or other options can keep your property line looking great (not just be there). Here you can start to think about lighting to go with the fencing, or what sorts of color schemes you like, or even how high the fence should go. Have a dog? It’s a great idea to enclose your property so your dog can run freely in the yard without you having to fear them running off after a car or into the road. Be sure to look at your property with a new eye for what could be by installing a custom fence.

5. Who To Hire

There are many more options you can consider when it comes to home landscaping this spring. But, how should you go about deciding which landscape contractor will offer the best work for the best price? Have the best experience and manpower? Have the best insight and advice considering budget and what should take priority? Doing some research and asking around are an option, also is finding out via web searches who is the best for your area, the county and your town specifically. How long have they been in business? What sort of quotes do they offer? Is their pricing competitive? What is the quality of their past projects? These are all questions you should ask.

Knowing who to hire also doesn’t have to be very difficult. For the best in Custom Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise and thousands of happy families, right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today to set up a free consultation. 845-727-8815


Home Landscape Design – Custom Pools, Patios & Stone Work

April 19, 2019 4:32 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With spring finally here, things are looking up as we crest towards 70+ degree days. So, with good vibes of warm thoughts in mind it is a great time to start taking a look at your home landscape design and what you’d like to see updated this year. Making the most of your outdoor space is something that can really complete a home and allows the family and friends to come over and enjoy our beautiful spring, summer, and fall. Lets look at some of the best choices you can think about for the spring starting soon.

Custom Stone Work Rockland NY

Custom Stone Work Rockland NY

1. Custom Fireplaces

With winter not fully gone yet and the fact that spring can have cold nights as well as autumn, a custom built fireplace is the best way to start and continue enjoying the outdoors when the weather is still a bit chilly. With all variety of choices regarding the design shape and materials used, like brick, stone, tile, and other varieties to consider. You can even have a wood fire or charcoal fire oven installed that functions as both a fireplace and a great way to bake and roast meals or pizzas right outside.

2. Custom Patios

This is usually the foundation of any great and functional outdoor space. A patio is the start. Custom fireplaces or outdoor kitchens will always go on the patio you have so making sure they work together and not against one another is important to aesthetics and function. Choosing similar stone varieties or paver options can give the feeling from the ground up of a space to cherish and enjoy. It will also need to be firm and well constructed as 4 seasons per year requires some quality craftsmanship.

3. Custom Pools

This goes beyond simply choosing if you’ll have an in-ground or above ground pool. Custom pools can include everything from different shapes, to hot tub attachments, or the landscaping and stone work that surrounds the pool. We’re talking about the entire pool area not simply the water. Consider things like water features or different plant varieties for the look, and consider different types of stone for the paths and walkways surrounding the pool. Or, if it’s above ground, consider a bi level deck that goes up and down to the water in a great and functional atmosphere. Nothing is off limits when it comes to your imagination.

4. Custom Stone Work

All of the above projects typically have the use of stone and other brick or rock varieties to offer great looking and long standing additions to your home landscaping design. Custom stone work also includes walkways, paths, retaining walls, estate gates, and other aspects of landscaping that you may be considering. Custom means just that, one of a kind or unique, and this is great to have a great looking and individual outdoor living space like no one else’s. Keep this in mind when you’re at the drawing board, what makes your outdoor space yours? Add that finishing touch to your home’s landscaping and see what a difference it can make.

For the best in Custom Stone Work Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. Have questions? Need help in the planning? Need a free quote? Call us today at 845-727-8815 to start planning right away.


Pool Remodelling & Refinishing With Landscapers

April 14, 2019 9:37 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Last summer had great weather but it has been very hot, with multiple days in the 90’s in a row. If you have a pool, you’re probably getting some great usage out of it this year. But if your pool area is outdated or damaged, with broken tiling, cracks, damaged coping, or other varieties of weathering, it may be the best time of the year for you to consider a remodel.

Pool Remodelling Rockland County NY

Pool Remodelling Rockland County NY

In ground pools are more open to the elements and require more upkeep than standard smaller above ground pools. With that said, in ground pools offer the option for truly spectacular designs and pool side landscaping that really create a wonderful summer space for you and your family.

Things to consider may be different tile varieties for example. If your current design has many small tiles that have fallen off consistently over the years and are now damaged, replacement larger more sturdy tiles may be a far more cost effective and good looking option. Cracks and damages in the pools coping? Make an update this year with different stone, different color schemes, and a different look and feel altogether.

Plant varieties and areas like natural stone can really add to your pool side landscaping. Also, you may consider an automated sprinkler system to keep everything well hydrated and vibrant, not only for your pool area but also for your entire yard and any garden areas prone to sun damage.

For the best in all things landscaping and the best Pool Remodelling Rockland County NY, look no further than 30 plus years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Custom Swimming Pool Design and Poolside Landscaping

April 10, 2019 5:09 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Spring is finally here and a few weeks in, the warm weather is finally starting to stick around. That means getting outside and soaking up the good weather that finally has arrived, especially considering how brutally cold this winter was. Buds are starting to form on trees, the days are lighter longer, and we may even to go outside with short sleeves on consistently soon! So, if you’ve been thinking about adding or updating a pool to your home this year, now is the best possible time to start considering your options. Here we’ll look at a few things to keep in mind.

Custom Swimming Pools Rockland NY

Custom Swimming Pools Rockland NY

1. Custom Swimming Pool Designs

Instead of standard round above ground pools, or standard rectangular in-ground pools, custom pools are now all the rage and for good reason. When you can choose a shape that looks great, is inviting, and that can be customized, only your imagination can limit you. Figure 8? Oblong or rounded? Attached hot-tub? Outdoor shower? Water slide? Diving board? The area around the pool should also not be forgotten. Different stones, tiles, color schemes, and overall look an feel can be exciting and great looking.

2. Poolside Design and Landscaping

The pool is one thing, but don’t forget the area around the pool! No one spends every moment in the water and having a friendly and functional pool area can really tie everything together. Options like outdoor showers, bungalows, a bar set up, grill set up, fireplace, are some options to consider, even additional water features. What about plants and trees? Color can really liven a place up and choosing great plants and flower species is a great way to do just that. Talk to your local pool specialist to see what suits our area the most.

3. Attached Deck Choices

So, if in-ground is not something you’re considering, above ground choices are also great. What has become popular is enclosing the entire pool within a deck connected to the home. This can be one or two tier in terms of height, but this allows for a great way to get from your house straight to the pool without even putting on shoes. Great for parties like graduations and showers, or just a normal weekend of barbecue and fun in the sun. Your kids will love this option and so will you.

With spring here and summer coming, you’re “burning daylight” if you aren’t seriously considering updates to your home landscape design this warm weather season. For the best in Custom Swimming Pools Rockland NY, look no further than 30+ years in local expertise, right here at, call today for a free consultation and quote. 845-727-8815


Home Landscape Planning Checklist 2019

March 15, 2019 8:33 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With the weather being in the 60’s the past few days (don’t get used to it though its only the middle of March!), many of us may be considering what updates we’d like to see for our home landscaping this spring and summer season. So, instead of simply picking up last year with mowing and yard cleanup, consider what larger scale projects you put off last year or the past few years to tackle this warm weather season.

Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY

Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY

Here is a brief look at what you can do to make the most of planning.

1. Prioritize

Mowing the lawn on a weekly or every few days (if heavy rains and sun), is a high priority but not the kind of priority we’re talking about here. Think about a failing our outdated sprinkler system, think about a pool that is in need of major repairs, or a retaining wall that is falling apart, a walkway that is broken and damaged; these are the sort of high priority items you should be considering first. Making a plan to do this can be the perfect start to the spring for your outdoor decor.

2. Budget

Considering redoing the mulch areas of your yard or planting new trees and shrubs will go a longer way if you know your budget and what styles and varieties you like to meet in the middle. How large is the area that needs new soil or mulch? What is your budget for this years outdoor landscaping? This goes along with prioritizing because making the best decision for you financially can also be the best decision for the look and feel of your landscape design.

3. Planning

When you have your priorities straight and your budget mapped out, start to seriously plan with a local landscape contractor on what to tackle first and then in what order to move from there. Knowing what you want to see done in our 6 months of good weather is different than actually having a plan in mind (or even set on paper), for what and when you want things finished by. Want the pool redone by the 4th of July? Or the patio pavers finished for your daughters high school graduation party? Keep the time frames of good weather in mind.

With so much going on in our day to day lives and the warm weather of Spring approaching, thinking about this sort of thing now is a great advantage when it comes to making things happen. Discuss this sort of thing with your spouse or partner, heck even ask the kids what they think, and get to the drawing board as a team. This can make things not only more fun, but make sure everyone is happy with the updates this spring and summer.

For the best in Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free estimate and quote for all of your landscape needs. 845-727-8815


Choosing The Best Commercial Landscaping Contractor

February 15, 2019 11:38 am
posted by procutlandscaping

With summer almost here, that means: rain, warmer weather, sun, and a lot of commercial landscaping to consider. Depending on the size of your businesses property, you may be needing a singularly focused landscaping regiment or one that can cover an entire district’s business center. Its more important than ever to ensure that the landscaping contractor you’re working with is dedicated, local, and efficient.

Commercial Landscaping Companies Suffern NY

Commercial Landscaping Companies Suffern NY

Let’s look at some pre-requisites to consider before hiring any landscape company.

1. Size of Fleet / Company

A friend of yours with a pickup truck and a shovel does not qualify as a landscaping company for commercial properties and needs. Be sure that anyone you consider has a large enough fleet that you are part of their weekly schedule and not waiting for work to be done you’ve hired them for. This can simply come down to the size and scope of the landscapers capabilities.

2. Beyond Lawn Mowing

As you may know, lawn mowing and weed whacking is the simplest of landscaping work. Be sure that anyone you’re hiring for this purpose only, has a solid fleet size, up to date insurance, up to date mowing equipment, and is effective in scheduling and time frames for completion.

3. Larger Projects

Landscapers are way more than lawn maintenance these days. For any sort of larger projects (i.e., retaining walls, water features, sprinkler systems, and so on), be sure that you know the questions to ask and what to look for in a landscaping firm. Knowing even just a few of the important aspects of a project can make all the difference in knowing who to hire.

Spring is here, rain has arrived, and so has the warm weather. That means added responsibilities for business owners and business center managers. Be sure to ask questions and get free consultations on any and every landscaping need you have this warm season.

For the best in Commercial Landscaping Companies Suffern NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815