Home Landscape Planning Checklist 2019

March 15, 2019 8:33 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With the weather being in the 60’s the past few days (don’t get used to it though its only the middle of March!), many of us may be considering what updates we’d like to see for our home landscaping this spring and summer season. So, instead of simply picking up last year with mowing and yard cleanup, consider what larger scale projects you put off last year or the past few years to tackle this warm weather season.

Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY

Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY

Here is a brief look at what you can do to make the most of planning.

1. Prioritize

Mowing the lawn on a weekly or every few days (if heavy rains and sun), is a high priority but not the kind of priority we’re talking about here. Think about a failing our outdated sprinkler system, think about a pool that is in need of major repairs, or a retaining wall that is falling apart, a walkway that is broken and damaged; these are the sort of high priority items you should be considering first. Making a plan to do this can be the perfect start to the spring for your outdoor decor.

2. Budget

Considering redoing the mulch areas of your yard or planting new trees and shrubs will go a longer way if you know your budget and what styles and varieties you like to meet in the middle. How large is the area that needs new soil or mulch? What is your budget for this years outdoor landscaping? This goes along with prioritizing because making the best decision for you financially can also be the best decision for the look and feel of your landscape design.

3. Planning

When you have your priorities straight and your budget mapped out, start to seriously plan with a local landscape contractor on what to tackle first and then in what order to move from there. Knowing what you want to see done in our 6 months of good weather is different than actually having a plan in mind (or even set on paper), for what and when you want things finished by. Want the pool redone by the 4th of July? Or the patio pavers finished for your daughters high school graduation party? Keep the time frames of good weather in mind.

With so much going on in our day to day lives and the warm weather of Spring approaching, thinking about this sort of thing now is a great advantage when it comes to making things happen. Discuss this sort of thing with your spouse or partner, heck even ask the kids what they think, and get to the drawing board as a team. This can make things not only more fun, but make sure everyone is happy with the updates this spring and summer.

For the best in Home Landscaping Design Rockland NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free estimate and quote for all of your landscape needs. 845-727-8815


Choosing The Best Commercial Landscaping Contractor

February 15, 2019 11:38 am
posted by procutlandscaping

With summer almost here, that means: rain, warmer weather, sun, and a lot of commercial landscaping to consider. Depending on the size of your businesses property, you may be needing a singularly focused landscaping regiment or one that can cover an entire district’s business center. Its more important than ever to ensure that the landscaping contractor you’re working with is dedicated, local, and efficient.

Commercial Landscaping Companies Suffern NY

Commercial Landscaping Companies Suffern NY

Let’s look at some pre-requisites to consider before hiring any landscape company.

1. Size of Fleet / Company

A friend of yours with a pickup truck and a shovel does not qualify as a landscaping company for commercial properties and needs. Be sure that anyone you consider has a large enough fleet that you are part of their weekly schedule and not waiting for work to be done you’ve hired them for. This can simply come down to the size and scope of the landscapers capabilities.

2. Beyond Lawn Mowing

As you may know, lawn mowing and weed whacking is the simplest of landscaping work. Be sure that anyone you’re hiring for this purpose only, has a solid fleet size, up to date insurance, up to date mowing equipment, and is effective in scheduling and time frames for completion.

3. Larger Projects

Landscapers are way more than lawn maintenance these days. For any sort of larger projects (i.e., retaining walls, water features, sprinkler systems, and so on), be sure that you know the questions to ask and what to look for in a landscaping firm. Knowing even just a few of the important aspects of a project can make all the difference in knowing who to hire.

Spring is here, rain has arrived, and so has the warm weather. That means added responsibilities for business owners and business center managers. Be sure to ask questions and get free consultations on any and every landscaping need you have this warm season.

For the best in Commercial Landscaping Companies Suffern NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Estate Gates & Fencing Your Property

January 20, 2019 2:58 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Having a great looking landscape at your home is important to many of us. A great way to really enhance your home’s outdoor decor is with improved fencing options and beautiful estate gates. Here we’ll look at some of the options.

Fencing Company Rockland NY

Fencing Company Rockland NY

Estate Gates

An automatic gate that looks great and opens when you’re going in and out of your driveway can be a great addition to home security but also the design and aesthetics of your entire property. Whether in rain or other inclement weather, an automated gate that can open and close with remote access like a garage or via a code you punch in keeps your security at the forefront.

Fencing Options

An outdated and crumbling fence may line your property right now, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. With so many new cost effective choices to choose from: wood varieties, stone varieties, and other natural looking materials; the only limitation is your imagination. Functional property marking and also great looking choices can really bring a home landscape together.

Invisible Fences

Don’t forget about your canine companions and their safety as well. An invisible fence installation is a great way to effectively and safely control where your dogs can and cannot go. With neighborhoods, roads, and our area becoming busier and busier than ever, this is a great way to be sure your pup won’t be out and about on their own.

Don’t let the summer weather pass by your home landscaping updates and be sure to take advantage of the daylight. For the best in Fencing Company Rockland NY look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Cold Winter Weather and Ice To Ring In 2019

December 21, 2018 2:11 pm
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With cold weather and dangerous conditions really starting to become a regular occurrence, there is no greater way to ring in 2019 then with plans to tackle the sort of ice and cold we’ve been and will continue to experience. As we’ve already seen this winter, temperatures can plummet and roads and walkways can freeze and become treacherous for both cars and pedestrians. Considering this, it’s important to make sure that you are prepared when the worst of the winter hits.

Snow Removal Contractors Orange County NY

Snow Removal Contractors Orange County NY

1. Having A Plan

You and your family should devise and stick to a plan when it comes to ice and snow. Whether that means getting out there ever hour in a strong storm to clear paths and shovel or whether that means hiring out a professional snow removal contractor to manage the storms and get rid of ice, it’s something you should stick to. Having some idea of how a snow bound day will go is better than trying to figure out things on the fly. This small piece can make a difference between getting to work on time or being late, having a safe and walkable driveway or not, just to name a few.

2. Being Prepared

Here we’re not referring to having shovels and rock salt, but actually preparedness in terms of knowing what sort of weather is coming. If you are completely taken by surprise when a major storm hits, its a terrible feeling and can leave you falling behind. Recall in the middle of November this year when we had a major storm that dropped a good 10 inches of snow, and it basically shut down the entire region. Commuters who normally got home at 6pm got home past 11pm at night, that is the definition of unpreparedness. Be sure that you know what is coming.

3. Finding A Snow Management Team

Here there are a few ways you can tackle this sort of question, who is the best snow removal and ice management contractor in our area? Who will serve my specific needs be they commercial or residential? Who will offer me the best value for snow removal and who will also be the fastest and on time? These are important questions to ask yourself and the company you are considering. It’s important to not simply leave it to them, you should always ask these basic questions and determine who really does make the best contractor in the area.

Snow and ice have already left our region unprepared, delayed, and dangerous. Don’t make the same mistakes that the highway department and NYC has already-made this year. Do a little bit of basic planning and make sure you’re personally prepared for the worst of the winter, even when the country or whole area may not be. You can in just a few minutes online or even asking around determine the best team for the job in our area. So be sure to get out there now, we’re already into December.

For the best in Snow Removal Contractors Orange County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at ProCutLandscaping.com, be sure to ask questions if you have them and get a free consultation and quote for your home or business today. 845-727-8815


Winter Weather Services – Snow & Ice Management

December 18, 2018 9:00 am
posted by procutlandscaping


For school districts, business, and home owners having a winter weather contingency plan is a way to ensure that even the worst of snow and ice does not stop the community in its tracks.

Here we look at the value of the most important winter weather services in our area.

Snow Plowing Rockland NY

Snow Plowing Rockland NY

Snow Plowing & Removal

We all know that removing snow from driveways, neighborhoods and busy roads is crucial to the safety of everyone in the community. Whether you’re commuting to work or you’re children are going to school, having an efficient and qualified snow removal team ready for action when bad weather arrives is more important than ever before. Don’t let the snow slow you down by organizing your winter weather cleanup team before the bad weather arrives.

Ice Management & Control

Snow is clearly visible and easier to clean up than ice or black ice that may not be at first apparent to people on the road. This becomes the real danger to commuters and neighborhoods everywhere. We all rely on qualified ice management teams to respond quickly and effectively when ice threatens our roads. Using special winter salts and calcium chloride, certified winter weather response teams keep our roads as ice free as possible, making for safer commutes, driveways, walkways, and parking lots.

The winter is far from over! Be sure your home or business is prepared for the worst that winter will offer! Don’t be caught off guard this year and start planning your winter service clean up plans with local qualified Snow Plowing Rockland NY right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Contracting Your Commercial Ice Management & Snow Removal

December 12, 2018 7:50 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


The seasons have changed and we’re starting to experience dangerous snow and ice. Here are some options when it comes to commercial snow removal and ice management for your business.

Ice Removal Contractors Rockland County NY

Ice Removal Contractors Rockland County NY

1. Don’t Do It Yourself

This is an option that seems like a no brainer. It is not fun and unrealistic for business owners to do it themselves. Getting to the office or location early to then plow or lay salt is not something many of us are able to do. So don’t take this option.

2. Who To Hire

Making sure you are considering a local landscaping contractor who has a high number of trucks and who works every day of the year is a must. A pickup truck or two with a plow on it won’t do it. Be sure you’re looking at experienced snow removal teams only.

3. Getting Started

Every opportunity the weather has to make business difficult it will. It’s important to get started right away and if you haven’t mid way through winter, it’s not too late to choose a team now.

For the best in Ice Removal Contractors Rockland County NY, look no further than nearly 30 years of local expertise and a fleet of trucks ready to go here at ProCutLandscaping.com 845-727-8815


Choosing The Best Snow Removal Contractor

December 7, 2018 8:51 am
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It’s no mystery that our winters are fierce and this year doesn’t seem to want to quit. With major ice and snow happening more often than we’d like to admit, having the right snow removal contractor for your home or commercial business is important. Here we’ll look at a few of the basics to keep in mind.

Snow Removal Contractor Rockland County NY

Snow Removal Contractor Rockland County NY

1. Call To Action

Being prepared is the most important piece to ensuring that you’re snow and ice clean-up is fast and easy. With winter weather updates being the most important aspect of any companies ability to clear streets, lay down ice, and make the area more safe overall. Be sure to ask about how quickly you can expect clean-up.

2. Size Of Fleet

Similarly to being prepared through weather updates, the size of the contractors actual fleet of snow plows and trucks is something you should really be looking at. After all, any company that cannot get to your home or business before the day really starts is basically defeating the purpose of you hiring them. Be sure to ask how large any fleet is before signing a contract.

3. Knowing The Area

Time in business and knowing the area is also critically important to ensuring that clean-up of snow and ice is fast and done easily. Certain streets, neighborhoods, or commercial spaces will have a history of major winter weather concerns and only a company who knows the area and has operated here would know that.

With even just a few minutes online you an find the best Snow Removal Contractor Rockland County NY who can meet and exceed all of your needs this winter. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Pro Cut family! 845-727-8815


Winter Storm Advisory/Warnings Have Begun

November 16, 2018 4:31 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


A bit further upstate has already had their first major storm. With over 10 inches of wet, heavy, and dangerous snow falling in some towns and counties, it’s a clear sign that winter is already here. Temperatures hovered around 28-32F causing for some nasty and slushy heavy snow to fall that snapped tree branches and felled power lines. This is a statement to the unprepared for this years winter, even though Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet, its important to get moving on your snow removal and ice management plan.

Snow Removal Contractor Rockland County NY

Snow Removal Contractor Rockland County NY

Things you can do right away to start preparing for this years winter include:

1. Check the quality of your shovels/snow blower maintenance
2. Buy salt for your front porch and walkways
3. Find out the routes for local snow plowing trucks/companies
4. Plan your home and commercial snow removal contractor

This may seem like a rather self explanatory list, but number 4 is the one that many business owners overlook until it is too late. Think about it, if we experienced the 10 inches of heavy snow on a school day, in the middle of the work week, as they’re seeing a bit further upstate, your business would literally be shut down. Not only for the days of the storm, but for the days after when the snow stops falling and people get out and about. Planning your home and commercial snow management is important from the onset of autumn let alone waiting for major storms to arrive.

There are loads of reasons to get this small list done early, and if we’re considering home snow removal, consider getting out there before the sun rises to clear your driveway, just to get sweaty and have to run back to work. You really shouldn’t run a snow blower at 4am in the morning, just like you shouldn’t mow your lawn at 4am in the morning, the neighbors will not take to it kindly. So be sure you’ve considered this. Many of us travel to work and getting out there hours early to shovel or snow blow may not be on your bucket list.

For the best in Snow Removal Contractor Rockland County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise, right here at ProCutLandscaping.com – 845-727-88815


Why You Should Plan Commercial Snow Removal Before Winter

November 12, 2018 9:53 am
posted by procutlandscaping


If this winter is anything like it last winter, we could be set for major storms on a more consistent basis than anyone would like. Schools closed often enough in our area last year that faculty and students alike lost days from their spring breaks. Bitter cold, snow, and ice were a real nuisance that halted much of the daily life in our area and this is something we should keep in mind.

Instead of panicking because you haven’t yet planned for your businesses parking lot at the first sign of snow, make a quick phone call and take care of it early. Not only is there often reduced rates before the busiest times of the year, the snow removal contractor will also have ample time to plan your location into their route. The best companies are also out there before sunrise to keep areas clear and salted as well.

Commercial Snow Removal Rockland County NY

Commercial Snow Removal Rockland County NY

It’s not a good idea to hire a single landscaper with a single truck in comparison to a team with a fleet of winter ready vehicles and trucks. Making quick work of a parking lot in a foot or more of snow is no easy task so it’s a good idea to consider this when inquiring this fall. Companies with more experience, larger fleets, and years of living through the same weather make the best choice when it comes to keeping your business open for business in the worst of the winter months.

Also, if you have a large driveway it can also be a good idea to plan home snow removal as well. Getting out there with a shovel or snow blower before heading off to work, sometimes before 4 am is no fun task even in the lightest of snow. Or, coming home to over a foot of snow in the evening after a long day is far from better. Be sure to consider the same things as your commercial snow management when considering your home.

With so many different options to think of before the worst cold and ice arrive, it’s not hard to get things planned and squared away early. For the best in Commercial Snow Removal Rockland County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. Over 20 trucks and snow fitted excavators, salters and shovels or walkways and paths, be sure your business stays open even in the worst of winter. 845-727-8815


Winter Is Coming… and Fast

November 9, 2018 3:14 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


The line popularized by the Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”, is not only a tag line from a popular show. Winter actually is coming and in a few short weeks will be on our doorstep. That means a few things for the area and your daily schedule., things you may not be really considering. It’s easy enough to forget how terribly cold and dangerously ice filled last winter was when we had one of the hottest summers on record. But the fact remains that if this winter is anything like it was last winter, we’re in for a lot of shoveling, a lot of snow plowing, a lot of salting, feet of snow, and thick dangerous ice throughout our community.

Snow Removal Orange County New York

Snow Removal Orange County New York

Managing Ice This Winter

Snow is enough of a nuisance that slows down our area, but nothing is dangerous the way in which ice and black ice are. This is not only for the roads, but also our driveways and any commercial parking lots and business centers as well. It can also be difficult to manage. Black ice being all but invisible to the naked eye and even getting out there to try and reduce the ice itself is risky. So, being sure you’re winter ice management is taken care of before the worst chills of less than 0 degrees is a good idea. Getting your ice removal team in order now is a must before winter truly arrives.

Snow Removal (Home & Commercial)

Snow can be as treacherous as ice but its easier to see and just as readily slows down our roads, not to mention damaging trees and power lines when there is enough and its wet enough. For this reason, just like ice, it’s important to protect your family and you business with a proper snow removal contractor. Whether for your driveway and walkways, or for the entire commercial space that you’re operating in. Nothing stops business like snow and ice and nothing is more hazardous to you and any loved one’s.

Snow Removal Contractor Orange County NY

Snow Removal Contractor Orange County NY

Shoveling vs. Snow Blowing vs. Plowing

Shoveling is ok for the neighborhood kids who head out on a snow day and clear driveways for a small fee of video game money when there isn’t dangerous cold or feet of snow. Snow blowing is for your typical home owner who is sick of getting out there and shoveling at 5am before work. Plowing on the other hand, is the top tier of home snow maintenance. Now, most of us don’t have pickup trucks, or if we do, don’t have a plow to go a long with it or snow tires and chains. So, it seems easy enough to understand why a local winter contractor with a fleet of trucks, fitted with large plows, chains, and salt machines, are the best bet for any large or even small driveways. This saves you the time, effort, and stress of having to shovel once, twice, or 10 times a day as we saw last year to “get ahead of it”. So, make a call today and plan your snow clearance today.

Winter is coming. That much we know. How severe, no one can tell for sure, but if any of the forecasting and future casting is anything close to what it was last years. We’re due for inches of dangerous ice and feet of snow on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Let alone power outages and days home from school. Make your winter home and business plans today and get ahead of winter now.

For the best in Snow Removal Contractor Orange County NY, look no further than 30+ years of local expertise. Call today for a free estimate and let us plan your home or business into our early morning snow management route. You’ll be please to get out there before work and be able to walk to your car and see the edges of your driveway to head off safely on your day. ProCutLandscaping.com845-727-8815