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Snow Plowing Services Important This Winter

September 19, 2012 9:48 am
posted by procutlandscaping


The importance of local snow plowing services cannot be overlooked in this day and age. When local, state, and even federal governments lack of funding creates situations where they cannot pay for snow plows to conduct removal and ice management, the need for well qualified local snow plowing services to keep communities running becomes clear.

Snow Plowing Services Rockland NY

Snow Plowing Services Rockland NY

As the northeast has already seen this year, storms can come quickly and be incredibly powerful, cutting off power, heat, and transportation routes. When storms like this happen is is the local landscaper who specializes in snow removal in an area that allows emergency services and repair teams to conduct their work and stabilize a region. Think of your local snow removal services as more then capable of only plowing driveways and walkways, instead think of them as the life blood of your community as they kick into high gear to clear the roads in even the worst of winter storms.

Because of the dangers involved with being on the roads in a snow storm, especially at night time, the machinery, trucks, and manpower needed to get an area back on its feet can be found from hard working landscaping businesses. If you’re looking to have snow removal services, ice removal, and plowing done for your property or place of business, be sure to do some research into the capabilities of any local company.

Do they specialize in winter atmospheres like this? How long have they been servicing your area? Can they get to you quickly? A few things to consider before hiring any snow plowing service. Stay out of the cold and leave the clean up to professionals, for Snow Plowing Services Rockland NY contact Pro Cut Landscaping, 25 year provider of critical services to the region.


Snow Removal Services Keep You Open For Business

December 14, 2011 9:20 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

As winter approaches and impending snow fall and ice is on its way, knowing where to find the best local snow removal services is critical to keep your work place open for business. When parking lots for local businesses are not plowed or covered in snow and ice, it makes it all but impossible for customers and clients to make their way through the doors. What you should be looking for is a reputable landscaping contractor who has multiple trucks prepared for even the worst of storms.

Keep Your Doors Open

Snow Removal Rockland County NY

Snow Removal Rockland County NY

Contacting a snow removal service in your area will be essential to understanding what sort of pricing’s and packages are available, as after all, snow needs to be plowed more than once a year and can be a common place as we roll through the winter months. Working out a deal with your trusted service provider can save you money as well as provide quicker service then if you need to schedule an appointment with each snow fall, giving you an advantage over other businesses who have not contacted a contractor accordingly.

When speaking with someone about the size and scope of your parking lot and plowing needs be sure to ask how quickly you can expect service as its needed. After all, quick cleanup means more time your business can stay open and more customers. For the best Rockland County NY Snow Removal contact Pro Cut Landscaping who has serviced the area for more than 25 years and is currently running special offer: 1st Plowing Free with snow removal agreement.


How to reduce salt damage during snow removal

November 2, 2011 12:22 am
posted by procutlandscaping

During and after snow storms the contractor that services your home or business will more than likely be applying rock salt. Unfortunately rock salt is one of the most corrosive things in existence, it causes billions of dollars worth of damage every year. Salt damage destroys ships, roads, walkways, vehicles, equipment and landscaping. There are a few ways you can prevent salt from damaging your property!

1. Limit salt use. Ask your contractor to only apply as much salt as is necessary, many snow contractors are not able to control how much salt their equipment is dropping. Make sure you are using a contractor who has the ability to hand tailor the amount of salt the truck is dropping and at what rate and speed.

2. Use calcium on walkways and near entrances. This will reduce the amount of residual salt that will end up in your home or business and also increase the life of your beautiful stone or concrete steps and walkway.

3. Cover plants/tree near roads. Salt damage kills thousand of trees and plants every year. Install burlap or other cover for trees and plants that will be getting covered during salt applications.

4. Hire street sweeper once or twice per season. For a few hundred dollars for a large parking lot, a street sweeper can be hired to remove the residual salt from the parking lot, which if is done every year will drastically increase the life of your parking lot. This can save a company from tens of thousands of dollars in future asphalt repairs.

5. Consider liquid de-icers. Liquid de-icers such as calcium and magnesium are more expensive but are not as damaging to surfaces. Technology is slowly making this type of service less and less expensive. Most highways and municipalities will use liquid dicing agents to treat their rock salt as well as to pre-treat roads.

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Ice Control Done The RIGHT Way!

November 1, 2011 6:10 pm
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There are many different opinions on when is the best time to apply de-icing agents to road and walkway surfaces. The timing of these applications are critical to make sure you are maximizing the effectiveness of your investment as rock salt and calcium chloride are not cheap.

rockland snow removal

snow removal, rockland county snow removal, snow plowing

Rock salt will only work when there is moisture so dumping tons of salt over a surface that is frozen solid during sub-freezing temperatures is absolutely useless. The salt needs moisture to begin its reaction with the ice. This is why you will see municipalities applying a brine mixture or liquid de-icer to their salt as it is applied to the road to “jump start” the process. However, liquid brine equipment is extremely expensive, so to maximize the effectiveness of your salt application, make sure you watch the weather; use it to your advantage, if the temperature is set to start climbing at a certain time, this is when you want to apply your de-icing agents. This is difficult for many companies to accomplish because they have several sites to service and if you don’t arrive at each site at the precise time, you might as well not provide a service at all, this is why it is important to make sure that you hire a contractor that has enough equipment to service all of their accounts by the correct time.

Many contractors will pre-salt their parking lots before a storm. This can be useful and it can also be a complete waste of money. The only time pre-salting should occur is if an ice related storm is foretasted. If rock salt is applied to road and parking lot areas before an ice related storm the salt will serve as a protective coating for the surface preventing any ice from building up making it much easier to plow the parking lot later on. Pre-salting should never be applied before or during a regular snow storm as the melting of the snow will decrease the salts effectiveness. During regular snow events, salt should only be applied after the snow is finished and the areas has been plowed.

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Safe and Cost Effective Snow Removal

October 25, 2011 5:15 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

There are many important factors to take into account when hiring the right contractor for your companies snow removal services.  Here are a couple of ways you can make sure you have made the right decision:

rockland snow removal

1. Does the company have the correct insurance? Did you know that general liability insurance DOES NOT cover snow-related claims? Please make sure you ask for proof of insurance from your contractor and make sure that your property is listed as additionally insured and make sure that snow plowing and de-icing services are listed within their approved listing of services. In the event of an accident you want to make sure your facility is held-harmless during a loss-related claim.

2. Do they have the correct equipment to handle your property (and all the other properties they service?) It doesn’t hurt to take a ride over to the facility where the equipment is stored. You want to make sure the company is using capable trucks, plows and salters and that their equipment is somewhat modern and has been serviced regularly. Many contractors simply offer snow removal services as a way to make extra income during slow months and do not necessarily specialize or have any relevant experience in snow removal. We believe that snow removal should be left to the professionals.

rockland snow removal3. Ask for references! If they are as good as they say they are, certainly there should be someone who can vouch for them. Ask for a list of a few local properties and their phone numbers. You should call at least two references and ask them questions like “are they on time?”, “do they complete the service in a safe manner?” and “do they answer the phone during storms?” You should also contact the better business bureau and the local consumer protection department in which the company does business and ask for a recent report. This will make you aware of any claims made against the company in the past.

4. What is their salt supply situation? Do they keep salt and calcium chloride on site or do they purchase it as necessary. You want to make sure the contractor you hire is prepared for the worst. In order to provide any kind of commercial snow removal service the contractor needs to have bulk rock salt as well as several pallets of calcium chloride. You also want to ask what kind of calcium they will be using as many contractors will try to use an inferior brand in order to save on cost. Salt should not be used on walkways as it causes the concrete to chip and crack, which is another thing you would want to make sure your contractor is aware of. Salt will also destroy bluestone, limestone and slate. Also, do they offer salt cleanup services after the storm? Many contractors now offer sweeping services where machine operated sweeping units will remove residual salt from parking lot areas which will lengthen the life of the parking lot and also reduce the amount of salt transferred into the building.

5. Snow re-location? Does the company have the ability to truck snow away from your property in the event of a large storm? 99% of snow contractors do not own their own tandem and tri-axle trucks because of the extreme cost involved so you need to make sure that they have an agreement in place with local trucking companies as well as a place to dump the snow. You wont find very many snow removal companies who have the ability to remove large amount of snow on a moments notice. Three things are needed to remove snow, the first thing is a front-end loader, the second is a 25 yard dump truck and the third is a location where the snow can be dumped and left to melt. Your final option is to consider the use of a snow melting system where the snow can be loaded into a melting unit and released into storm sewer systems.


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