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Retaining Wall Ideas You Can Get Behind

September 27, 2019 5:11 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


School is back in session and that means busy days and months ahead for the whole family. But that doesn’t mean neglecting that landscaping design project you have in mind until next spring. In fact, now is one of the best times of the year to get the ball rolling on a season ending project that will prepare your home landscape for fall and winter. One of those is an update to your current crumbling retaining wall. Let’s consider some of the best ideas when it comes to a new wall.

Retaining Wall Contractors Rockland NY

Retaining Wall Contractors Rockland NY

1. Functional Aesthetics

So, retaining walls look great but they also serve a specific purpose. When it comes to enclosing an area or protecting an area from movement and shifting through our various seasons, a retaining wall is just that thing. Think of the difference in function when looking at a home with bush and shrub areas enclose or raised off the ground with a retaining wall. It looks solid to the eye providing a strong level of stone or polished concrete that also keeps mulch in an area and protect any of the plants growing there. A paver wall can really encompass that look of strength every home owner wants to embody.

2. Stone & Brick Choices

In the past walls of this kind were built with either red brick or natural stone that had to be fitted specifically together. Nowadays, those options are still available but it has changed in a few ways. The type of brick or concrete bricks used today can come in many different shapes and designs, and can last far longer than the red bricks of old. Natural stone is still used but you’ll have to be sure you’re using an experienced contractor because getting all of the stones to fit properly so that they’ll last is a truly artistic skill set. Colors are not limited the way they used to be either. From dark hues to brighter lights, there is a wide range and the most common is a cool looking steel grayish blue that we are all familiar with. Consult your contractor based on your budget and what you like when looking around other neighbors yards in your neighborhood.

3. Time Frames

Some landscaping companies will say a job will take 2 weeks and a month later you’re still seeing them come to the house. Not so with qualified and experienced contractors though. A retaining wall done right takes a specific skill set and knowledge base on how to deal with the various elements which look to make installing one more difficult. Soil density, water path following rain, the right stone for the North East, the right angle to pivot the wall; are just a few things that need to be understood prior to starting a project. If someone is making it up on the go it’s going to take much longer and be of poor quality. So keep in mind the right contractor may say a retaining wall installation will take 2 weeks, and you can expect it to be done in 2 weeks with the right company.

No matter which route you go, make the most of the remaining weeks of fall. For the best in Retaining Wall Contractors Rockland NY, look no further than right here at over 30 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. Call today for a free consultation and quote. 845-727-88815


Home Retaining Wall Options This Fall

November 1, 2016 7:51 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


The days are getting shorter and colder and before we know it, winter and all of its beauty and difficulties will be upon on. But while we continue to enjoy Fall, you still have time to make some changes and updates to your home landscaping. Here we’ll be looking at some retaining wall designs to consider for your home.

Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

1. Concrete Blocks

Here we see one of the most common, good looking, as well as versatile modern style of retaining walls. This is the style that most home owners and commercial spaces utilize. They are easy to design as well as work with and offer great versatility in terms of structures, curves, heights, and more. Even different colors are available, for an all new landscaping look, consider concrete blocks for your new retaining wall.

2. Natural Stone Wall

Here we come to a more classic turn of the century style that offers a more natural environment look and feel, using natural stone, boulders, and rubble to build a beautifully looking natural retaining wall structure. Colors and stone varieties can offer great versatility and uniqueness, but these stones are also harder to work with, to stack and design properly with weight and angles in mind. Here professionals should be hired who have the tools like large trucks and the experience to fit everything in place and look great.

3. Wood Plank and Timber Walls

Retaining walls don’t have to be only stone or concrete blocks either, you can choose from a wide range of different wood plank and timber designs to choose from. Classic for making raised gardens, play areas for children, walled off areas for your pets, or the classic use of keeping the earth shaped. Wood offers a natural look with loads of color schemes and designs to choose from, choosing a sturdy and long lasting wood species will be important to ensure the wall lasts.

Fall is moving along and there is still time to make some major changes and updates to your home landscaping. Get estimates now, you may find that the pricing is far more favorable than you may have thought at the end of the season, but time is running out as its now November! For over 30 years of local expertise and the finest in Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


The Benefits Of A New Retaining Wall

March 18, 2016 11:23 am
posted by procutlandscaping


With the seasons changing and spring finally here, so to will the rain be arriving in full force as we move through the next few months. So, depending on the layout of your home landscaping it may be time for a replacement to your existing retaining wall or a new installation entirely. Here we’ll look at some of the major benefits of project of this nature can provide.

1. Aesthetics and Control

Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

No one wants to deal with flooding lawns, mud slides, and just overall washout of their soil and/or gravel. A retaining wall provides a great looking and highly functional solution to these seasonal problems. Whether its spring and rain, or ice and snow in winter, a well built and customized retaining wall can make a huge difference in how well you can maintain your landscaping aesthetics through the changes in seasons and weather.

2. Options

Many of us may think of a retaining wall as no more than stacked bricks or stone, but there is for more involved than simply laying bricks. You need to plan properly considering slope and degree of the landscaping, obstacles including trees and rocks, as well as what sort of materials would be suit your home. With a variety of rock styles and layouts to choose from, it’s always best to consult your local landscaping expert to ensure you’re getting the best possible set up.

3. Cost Effective

A well built retaining wall can literally last a life time. If you’ve hired the proper contractor who has experience in this sort of large scale project, is licensed, and familiar with the changes in seasons we experience, you can have a very cost effective option to choose from. Discuss and ask questions if you have them, only by proper planning and asking the right questions can you get the best value for your new or existing wall landscaping.

Knowing who to hire doesn’t have to be all the difficult or time consuming. With even just a minute or two online you an easily determine who has a great portfolio of past work and should be able to ask any questions you may have. Also, look for free in-home consultations as this is should be an industry standard. For the finest in Home Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than nearly 30 years of local expertise, at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Retaining Wall Benefits Before The Wet Winter

September 29, 2014 7:56 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


It’s now officially fall and that means that right around the corner is the chill of a cold and wet winter. With futurecasts already predicting this to be one of the coldest and wettest winters in recent memory, now is a great time to consider different landscaping options that will protect your home or commercial space through the harshest weather mother nature has to offer. Here we’ll look at some of the benefits to a retaining wall and why now is a great time to take action on an installation.

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

1. Protection

The wetter and colder the weather is, the greater the potential harm to your landscape and yard features. When we consider a retaining wall, it has more than just the aesthetically pleasing appeal of a well built and personalized stone wall. Retaining walls offer a great deal of protection against one of winters harshest aspects, wet and heavy water and ice. If your yard or lawn is prone to mud slides, ice slides, shifting top soil or rocks, to name a few, the benefits a protective retaining wall provide can be quite abundant. Stopping shifting earth and rock in it’s tracks no matter how heavy or wet the weather gets.

2. Stone Options

Another wonderful aspect when considering a retaining wall is the great number of stone varieties and options you can choose from. From natural stone to the large variety of cut stones, the range of colors and design features you can choose from allows for great personalization and a truly great looking landscape feature. This should be discussed with your landscape contractor as different stone varieties and design set ups may work better for you than others, especially when considering the functional aspect of the wall (water and earth mobility protection).

3. Why Now?

Fall has just arrived and that means that the days are getting shorter and the amount of time landscape contractors will have to complete projects of this size will have a shorter window. As this sort of work is typically unable to be completed during the winter months, using the remainder of the fall to have a plan like this put into action is a great option. Not only because it prepares your lawn for the wet winter that is surely due to arrive, but also because landscaping companies who are looking to fill their books before the season is over will undoubtedly be offering the best rates possible. This is not reserved to retaining walls either, consult your local contractor about other fall discounts on projects of this size.

Being prepared for the cold and wet winter months can mean more than just ensuring your lawn is cleared of leaves. Take advantage of the great rates available this fall and get that last minute project finished under budget and on time. For the best in Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than 25+ years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Some Benefits Of A Retaining Wall Installation

June 7, 2013 2:13 pm
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Having a well put together landscape design can mean much more than cut grass and healthy plants. When considering the large number of outdoor features you can consider, being creative is a great way to really set the tone of your home’s outdoor aesthetics. One of the most functional and good looking possibilities is a retaining wall, serving many different purposes, here we’ll look at some of the benefits.

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

1. Functionality

Retaining walls are typically installed to keep soil in place, prevent sink holes from forming or getting worse, helpful in flood prevention, reducing erosion & maintenance needs, and help in preventing damage to property or surrounding structures. These are the main functional benefits that a retaining wall can provide to your landscape design as well as aesthetic advantages, prevention of slope movement and provide support for a near vertical landscape that needs to help being held in place.

2. Aesthetics

Not only are well built retaining walls functional in many aspects, but also serve as a great way to add decorative features to your yard. They can create a distinct look and offer home owners a number of different stone, styles, and layout varieties to choose from allowing for further customization and artistic design. They make great additions for garden areas, pool areas, water features, and can work well with paver patios and walkways as well.

3. Who To Hire

If you have a retaining wall in need of a repair or are looking to have a new installation completed this warm season, knowing who to hire doesn’t have to be difficult and with even just a minimal amount of research online you can determine who will make the best fit for your upcoming project. Ask questions and get help in all stages from the layout through to work completion if you need it.

Any new landscape features you’re considering can offer a number of advantages and benefits, both in terms of functionality as well as the look and feel of your outdoor decor. For the finest in Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than 25+ years of local expertise at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Adding A Retaining Wall To Your Landscape Design

July 24, 2012 4:00 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


A well constructed retaining wall not only brings a high level of functionality to your landscaping, but can also be visual artwork to enhance your landscape design. With the amount of options available to you as a home owner regarding the materials, designs, as well as placement, it’s a good idea to get some expert advice before moving forwards.

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Retaining Walls Rockland County NY

Here we’ll look at some options you’ll have when considering adding a retaining wall to your yard.

1. Functional Options

First and foremost you need to ask yourself why you want a retaining wall installed. Is it simply a matter of visual aesthetics or do you have specific functionality in mind? For example, a hillside in your yard that has problems with mud or sliding during heavy rain storms would do well with a well built concrete or stone wall to ensure no further problems occur. Or are you looking to enhance your landscape with a small garden area that is closed in or mounted with a wall? All things to consider.

2. Material Options

There are many styles of retaining walls and many different material options to consider, each with its own appeal and workability. Most walls are created using a variety of different good looking concrete blocks, namely: full size, flat face, three-way split, tumbled/weathered, solid/semi-solid, and hollow core, to name a few.

3. Design Options

Here is where you’ll need to have a discussion with your landscape contractor as designs can be constructed in a variety of arrays. Some of the most professional and artistic designs include: vertical overlays, gravity design, piling walls, cantilever walls, and anchored walls as well as others. Choosing the right one will depend on what you’re looking to accomplish with the wall as well as other obstacles to discuss with your local professionals.

Because of the use of specialized machinery and a whole lot of heavy lifting, be sure to look thoroughly into a contractor before you hire them. Can you get help with designs? How artistic is their past work? After all, if you’re going to add something of this stature to your landscaping, you want it done right. For the best Retaining Walls Rockland County NY, look no further than the largest and most respected contractor in the area for over 25 years, Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815