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Home Retaining Wall Installation & Design Ideas

September 16, 2016 11:18 am
posted by procutlandscaping


A properly designed and styled retaining wall can provide a variety of attributes to your homes landscape design. When considering the varieties of materials, sizes, tools, and planning involved with design and installation, it is critical to take a few steps to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Landscape Contractors Rockland NY

Landscape Contractors Rockland NY

1. Plan Well

The most important aspect to any landscaping project is planning. You need to know what you are looking to accomplish, and then spell it out so it can be accomplished quickly and within budgeting. After you have a clear plan set in mind, put it into action.

2. Find Materials and Tools

Depending on what style and size of retaining wall you’re looking to install, materials and tools may need to be purchased. You should consider your budget as well as quality when making your purchase as you want materials that are up to code and also complement your landscape.

3. Contacting Retaining Wall Expert

There are many local landscaping companies who provide high quality retaining wall installation for a variety of different designs. For a project of this stature it will most likely be your best option to seek their guidance from planning all the way through to completion. They have the tools, access to materials, manpower, and most importantly the experience to get the job done right the first time.

No matter which route you decide take, be sure to conduct your own research into the different styles and stones available for any retaining wall project. Contact Pro Cut Landscaping for a free design consultation or find Landscape Contractors Rockland NY online


Choosing A Local Landscaping Contractor

March 20, 2014 11:18 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Spring is nearly here and it’s a smart time to start looking for a qualified landscape contractor. This means that when it comes time to hire a certain company to help design and complete a landscape project for your home or business, you’ll have a few different options to choose from. Here are a few things to keep in mind before going with any landscape design service.

Landscaping Services Rockland NY

Landscaping Services Rockland NY

1. What area does the landscaping contractor work in?

You want to make sure that any company you get a quote from or speak to regarding your upcoming project actually services your geographic location. Keep things local, this way if you need a home visit or need to get a better idea of the company itself you have the option to visit their store location or have one of their personnel come to you.

2. What sort of past work have they completed?

When it comes to landscapers, a lot of them are small time, don’t have staff, and may lack the proper tools to complete a decent sized job with materials and other aspects involved. It is a good idea to see what sort of work any landscaping company has completed in the past in your local area. Was it completed on time? How does it look? Did it stand the test of time? All a few things to consider.

3. Can you get a free pricing quote?

Because it is important to possibly get more than one estimate of costs for any project you’re looking to hire for, speak with the landscaper and see if they’ll provide a free price quote and estimate of time from work completion. Any company that says that you need to pay them even to just look at the project should be put into strict question.

4. Are they knowledgeable?

Most importantly when speaking with any landscaping company is to find out if they are actually knowledgeable and capable in what you’re asking of them. Not all companies are created equal and not all have qualified staff members, for this reason it is important to find out as much as you can about the personnel and how skilled or unskilled they may be in any field.

Spring is almost here, no matter which landscaper you decide to hire, be sure to conduct your own research into their overall quality and if they’ll be the right fit to complete your project. If you’re looking for high quality Landscaping Rockland County NY, look no further than 25 year veteran Pro Cut Landscaping, servicing Rockland, Westchester, Orange, and Bergen counties for almost 3 decades. 845-727-8815


Best Landscaping In Rockland County NY

January 18, 2012 5:00 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With winter moving right along and spring fast approaching, it is the ideal time to start planning your upcoming landscaping project and renovations. Head to the drawing board and consider any obstacles (trees, rocks, etc.), as well as what themes or materials will suit your homes atmosphere.

Landscaping Rockland County

Landscaping Rockland County

As we’re still in the winter months you can also take advantage of planning and hiring a local landscaping contractor early so that once the weather gets nice, your project can begin without a hitch. It is a good idea to contact a few companies and get price quotes as well as estimates for time frames on work completion so that you are well aware of the variables that go into any project.

Completing a home landscaping project on your own will most likely be out of the question considering the tools and skills needed to properly organize a renovation. If you’re having a walkway put in or an irrigation system you will need professional assistance so be sure to get some advice from local landscape service providers.

If you’re looking for Landscaping Rockland County, there is only one contractor who has served the region for more than 25 years, Pro Cut Landscaping. Contact them today for a free project estimate and get the ball rolling today. 845-727-8815


2011 Big Year For Landscape Contractors In Rockland NY

December 29, 2011 4:23 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

This year has been one of the most successful for landscaping companies in the greater NY region and for that reason we’ve gone out of our way to give back to our communities. Providing donations of time, labor, tools, and skill to school districts, local businesses, and snow cleanup wherever we can. 2012 is poised to be even better and we want to say thank you to all of our happy friends, family, and customers who keep the spirit alive!

Landscaping Rockland NY

Landscaping Rockland NY

If you’re looking to ring in the new year with a landscaping project of any size or scope, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate on costs and project time completion. We’re here to serve the needs of our community, no matter the project you have in mind.

1. Home Landscaping Design and Remodeling

2. Commercial Landscape Services

3. Hardscaping – Patios, walkways, irrigation systems, fencing, and more

4. Invisible Fence – we’re the local leaders that protect your dogs from straying into danger

5. Tree Cleanup – removal, trimming, planting and more.

6. Snow Removal – plowing and ice management for home or businesses

7. And so much more.

Whatever Rockland NY landscaping services you require this year, please keep your local expert in mind, 25+ year veteran, Pro Cut Landscaping in West Nyack, NY. Contact us today and find out about our services, 845-727-8815


Rockland NY Landscaping Contractors Providing Quality Services

November 22, 2011 4:38 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

Whenever considering getting some work completed for your home or commercial landscape, it is important to get some insight from Rockland Landscaping Contractors who may actually be working on the project itself. This way you can get a feel for not only the capabilities and knowledge of the landscaper themselves, but also create a mental image of what the completed work should look like and how long you can expect it to take.

Landscaping Contractors Rockland NY

Landscaping Contractors Rockland NY

Because there is a variety of different landscaping design companies in our area, getting a price quote from knowledgeable staff at more than one location is a great way to determine competitive pricing for your project. Ask about material costs, times for delivery and work completion, what sort of insurance and warranties they may be offering, as well as where they have done work in the past.

The more information you have about the abilities and skills of a local landscaping team, the better you can determine if they are the right fit to work on your property. Depending on the size of your project, you should also be looking to make sure they are a well established place of business with the right tools and know how to get the job done right the first time.

No matter what sort of landscape design ideas you are looking to implement, be sure to conduct your own research into any local company you may be considering hiring. There is only a single provider who has served our area for over 25 years, the well qualified Rockland NY Landscaping Contractors Pro Cut Landscaping.


Landscaping Contractors Provide Highest Level Of Workmanship

November 3, 2011 9:05 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

Getting work done to your home or commercial landscape can be time consuming and expensive to do on your own. For this reason, we can see the clear value provided by hiring the expertise of landscaping contractors in any local area.

Landscaping Contractor Rockland NY

Landscaping Contractor Rockland NY

What makes working with an insurance covered and dedicated landscaping team is the quality of service you can receive within budget and in reasonable time frames. Providing the right tools, materials, and personnel for a project of any size is another important attribute that local landscapers can bring to the table.

With a reputable landscape design contractor you can also set your expectations reasonably high for the work that is to be done. So how can you make the right choice when it comes time to decide which company to hire? First and foremost you want to get an idea of the past work they’ve completed in your area, is the company new or do they have a solid portfolio of clients?

Also, if you are unsure of a design or can’t quite make up your mind of where to take a project, can you get help if you need it? Genuine landscapers should be able to provide insight into what can and won’t work within your yard and budget.

For the most well known Landscaping Contractors Rockland NY, contact Pro Cut Landscaping and see why they’ve been the regions leading landscape design team for over 25 years.


Effective DIY Landscape Lighting Projects

November 2, 2011 1:39 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

Landscape lighting can be the key element to any distinctive landscape. However, many people fail to do a little careful planning before they attempt an installation. There are a couple of things you can do to help make your landscape lighting project easier and last longer.

landscape lighting, walkway lighting, rockland county landscape design

walkway and path lighting rockland county ny

1. Find the source of power (electrical outlet) and make sure the outlet has sufficient power for the transformer you will be using. The outlet also needs to have a weather proof cover.

2. Measure the length in feet from the furthest light to the transformer, this will help you determine what gauge wire should be used and how many volts you should connect to it. If your longest run is over 300′ you may want to consider using LED lights which use less power or having an electrician install another outlet for another transformer closer to the fixtures. It is very important to use a multi-meter when finalizing your connections, landscape lights work on 12v electricity, so it is imperative that each light is reading no less than 10.7 volts and no more than 12.3volts. Too much or not enough electricity can cause a failure in the light fixture as well as the wire.

3. Count the number of fixtures you are planning to install before you choose a transformer. Most transformers are available in 300, 600, 900 and 1200 watt configurations. For example, if you are installing 20 – 25watt fixtures, you know you will need a transformer with at least 500 watts of output. However, we do recommend that you leave at least 25% open, for example, if you are using a 600 watt transformer, you should only connect 450watts worth of fixtures to it, this will prolong the life of the transformer as well as the wire and fixtures.

landscape lighting rockland county ny, landscape design

landscape lighting in rockland county ny

4. Make sure you are using direct burial underground rate wire nuts. This is imperative. Since the wires will be buried in dirt and mulch you want to make sure that you are not getting any moisture in the electrical connections, this can cause a fixture and wire to go bad. If you are installing a wire under a driveway, walkway or any other hard surface it is highly recommended that you install the wire using an electrical conduit in the event that an additional wire needs to be installed or replaced.

5. Choose the right brand of lights, transformer and wire. We strongly advise against any low-end home-depot style lighting system. Many people chose the cheapest brand for their installation and wonder they the lights only last a few years. A good landscape light fixture is around $125 each and a good transformer can start at $300-$500. Don’t use a low quality lighting system, you will be sorry you did. Also, LED lighting is now coming down in price, these fixtures use a lot less electricity, allowing more lights per transformer and less wire used, saving on material and labor, however, the fixtures are about 20% more expensive than standard halogen fixtures.

If you are looking for the right contractor to install your landscape lighting system in rockland county ny please call Pro Cut Landscaping, Inc. at 845-727-8815.


Deer resistant landscaping

12:37 am
posted by procutlandscaping

Many people forget to consider their four legged friends when choosing the right plants for their landscape. Keep in mind, the deer were there before you were, so they have no problem walking up your front lawn and eating your $75 hydrangea with a sweet smile on their face. Use these tips to help in choosing the right plantings for your rockland county homes landscape.

rockland landscaping

deer proof landscaping

Deer Proof Ever Green Trees- Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, Holly, Bamboo, Green Giant Arborvitae

Deer Proof Ever Green Shrubs- Boxwoods, Juniper, Gold Cypress, Barberry, Skip Laurel, Andromeda, Leucothoe

Deer Proof Specimens – Dwarf Spruces, Weeping Spruces, Weeping Redbud, Hinoki Cypress, Harry Lauders Walking Stick, Smokebush, Ginkgo Biloba, Dawn Redwood, Weeping River Birch

Deer Proof Ground Covers-  Pachysandra & Blue Fescue Grass

Deer Proof Ornamental Grasses- Fountain Grass, Miscanthus, Cares, Acorus, Blue Dune Grass

For the best choice in deer proof landscape design in rockland county new york call Pro Cut Landscaping at 845-727-8815









Rockland Landscaping Design Services For Over 25 Years

November 1, 2011 6:33 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

Providing Rockland NY with landscaping design services of all varieties for over 25 years has been the forte of Pro Cut Landscaping. Locally owned and operated, their dedication to serving Rockland county home and commercial needs has made them the leader in landscape design, hardscaping, patios, retaining walls, even snow removal and more.

Landscaping Rockland

Landscaping Rockland

With winter fast approaching, and the recent nor-Easter that devastated the region, the Pro Cut team has worked tirelessly to get the community back on its feet. Providing snow and tree removal to schools, businesses, and homes around the clock during the cleanup.

If you’re looking for Rockland Landscaping services, no matter the size of your project or your budgeting, contact a team expert to see what sort of options are available to you. The Pro Cut staff is well versed in the varieties of landscape design and provide friendly and honest ideas and estimates on cost and time frames.

No matter which Rockland landscaper you decide to go with, be sure to do some research into their past work, insurance, and reputation in the local area. There is only one leader with over 25 years experience in the community, Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815