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Qualified Landscaping In Tuxedo Park NY

July 12, 2012 4:43 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


If you’re looking for qualified landscaping companies to work on your home or commercial landscaping, it’s important to do a bit of research and not just hire the first person that you find. Not all service providers are created equal and many may lack the skills and experience you are looking for when considering allowing them onto your property to complete work, no matter the size of the project.

Here we look at a few things to consider before hiring any landscape contractor.

Landscape Design Tuxedo Park NY

Landscape Design Tuxedo Park NY

1. Licenses and Insurance

Because there is always some risk involved with landscaping work it is absolutely critical to ensure anyone you’re considering to hire is not only licensed but fully insured. Not only is it illegal for them to work on your property without insurance, it puts them and you at great potential risk.

2. Local Expertise

A great way to determine how qualified a landscaping company in Tuxedo Park may be is simply to ask them for some references or portfolio of past work. You can even ask around your neighborhood and friends to see who they use for their landscaping projects. But most importantly of all, talk to the contractor and find out how long they have been providing services to our region.

3. Free Estimates

Depending on the size of your property and what sort of projects you’re considering for you landscape design, you may need an estimate and its good to possibly even get a few. If you’re looking for more than just lawn care contact the company in question and see if they offer free in home estimates. Most reputable contractors will happily and quickly give you a free in home estimate and even consult you with ideas for designs if you are unsure of what direction to take.

Most importantly, don’t rush into hiring any one company without doing a bit of research and asking some questions. Who you let into your personal space and family property is something that you have direct control over so be sure to make the right choice. For the best Landscaping Tuxedo Park NY look no further than your neighborhood friendly specialist in Pro Cut Landscaping. Proudly servicing Tuxedo and Orange County New York for over 25 years. 845-727-8815


Landscaping Services in Orange County NY

May 1, 2012 7:26 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


It is the busiest time of year for landscapers in our neck of the woods and knowing who to hire for your home or commercial landscaping can be a trying question. As a rule, it’s important to do some basic research into any company or service before hiring them and allowing them to work at your home or place of business. Here we will look at a few common landscape design services you may need this spring and summer.

Landscape Design Orange County NY

Landscape Design Orange County NY

Lawn Care & Mowing

Depending on the size of your yard you may find the need for regular lawn care services. From mowing and weed whacking, to fertilizing and invasive species control, hiring a qualified and licensed local landscaper saves you valuable time.

Irrigation or Retaining Walls

Not only do landscape contractors employ their skills for lawn maintenance, but also for more specialized projects like retaining wall or irrigation system installation and design. Here experience will be paramount in determining who you should hire for this sort of work. Not all companies have the right tools or licenses to do this sort of labor and you want to ensure you’re hiring a reliable and experienced team.

With even the smallest amount of research, or even asking your local neighbors, you can determine which landscaper best suits you. For the best services in Landscaping Orange County NY, look no further than 25 year local expert Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


Local Landscaping In Orange County NY

April 27, 2012 6:38 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


As the warm weather continues and the days get longer, lawns and yards grow more quickly with the advantage of heat and sunlight. This makes it more important than ever to ensure that your yard is properly and regularly maintained.

1. Lawn Mowing

Depending on the size of your property this can be as quick as 20 minutes or as long as several hours. Finding the time to mow week in and week out with an increasingly busy schedule can be all but impossible. Professional landscapers ensure a well groomed lawn and living space.

Landscaping Orange County NY

Landscaping Orange County NY

2. Tree Maintenance and Removal

If you have an unsightly dead tree that needs removing or conversely a healthy tree that needs some trimming and pruning, calling a local arborist specialist is essential. They have the tools and experience needed for climbing as well as great insight into enhancing a landscape with foliage.

3. Seeking Out Your Landscaper

Because there is a wide range of landscaping contractors operating in the Orange County New York region, finding the right landscaper for your project can be rather difficult. You should look for a few key things: time in business, licensed + insured, friendly + knowledgeable, etc.

No matter what your landscape design needs are, be sure to do some research into the options in your local area. For the best in Landscaping Orange County NY consider the 25+ years of service and professionalism from Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815