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The Real Dangers Of Poor Ice Management

February 6, 2014 12:42 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


No matter if we’re talking about your home, a residential area, or business location, poor ice management during the cold winter months can spell disaster for a number of reasons. Here we’ll look at some of the most obvious things that you can do to ensure you’re family, friends, clients, and self are free of ice dangers this cold and wet winter.

Ice Management Company Rockland County NY

Ice Management Company Rockland County NY

1. Injuries Or Worse

Every year we hear stories of people who’ve seriously injured themselves because of a slip on the ice, be it on a driveway, stairway, walkway or just walking on the ground. This can not only spell disaster for a business in terms of liability, but for folks who are older it can change their life permanently. There have been cases of serious injury and even death due to slips and falls on ice each and every year. Be sure that you’re local ice management contractor has you scheduled on their route so that any walkways, paths, or driveways are cleared and as safe as possible.

2. Liability

Though it may not be something most business owners are comfortable thinking about, but the fact is that you could face a potential suit and hassle if a client or individual takes a bad spill and injured them self at your office or store. It may be property managements duty to ensure snow and ice are cleared, but it may come down to you personally and the snow removal team you’ve employed to ensure you’re work space is safe for both employees and customers. Don’t have a huge increase in your insurance costs or face a lawsuit because you neglected to hire a reliable ice control contractor.

3. What Can You Do

The answer to this is petty simple and can be handled in a number of ways. You can first and foremost be sure to get out there before the sun even rises and clear now and ice while laying rock salt as well. But what happens if it snows or is freezing while you’re at work? You can’t possibly be two places at one time, so the solution is simply, hire the best ice management company around and be sure that you’re home or business is protected no matter what time of day snow and ice arrive.

Just as in life, preparedness is the key to having a safe winter no matter how bad the weather gets. Take your time and search online or ask around, but within even just a few minutes you can find the most reputable Ice Management Company Rockland County NY, with over 25 years of local expertise in all seasons right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815