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Complete Home Sprinkler System Services

March 26, 2016 3:07 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Spring is nearly upon us! That is not just wishful thinking. So, having a professionally built and installed sprinkler system can make all of the difference in really bringing your home landscaping together. From all the benefits of automatic irrigation and plant + lawn care, it’s clear to see why so many home owners have installed complete sprinkler systems around every area of their homes. Here we’ll look at the main services regarding any system of this nature.

Irrigation Installation

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland County NY

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland County NY

Hiring the correct qualified specialist to install your irrigation system is a must. Not only must they have insurance, but also certifications and licenses specific to working with the local water table. Because even one thing wrong during the installation stage can cause property damage and other issues down the road, making sure you’ve hired the right contractor is essential to seeing things through without any problems.

Maintenance & Repairs

After a system is installed, it is critical to make sure it is properly maintained. That means regular check ups on all sprinkler heads & nozzles, checking pressure in pipes, and ensuring timers & water sensors are working properly to name a few. This means time, time that many of us may not have and also we may not be familiar with all the aspects of a sprinkler system. Here you’ll want to make sure a professional is called on for all repairs and regular check ups.

Upgrades & Maintenance

After a system is installed, you may then look to upgrade or increase the area of land covered. Maybe you’ve installed a new garden that needs some irrigation for hydration, or have another particular area of your property you’d like covered, whatever the reason; hiring the right team to add-on zones or complete upgrades is important.

Not all irrigation system companies are as experienced or familiar with every different aspect and variety of system out there. Be sure to do some research and ask questions if you have them. For the finest Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland County NY, look no further than Pro Cut Landscaping and nearly 30 years of local expertise. 845-727-8815


Proper Lawn Irrigation Scheduling Techniques

September 17, 2019 12:48 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Having a home sprinkler system is one thing, ensuring that it runs efficiently and effectively all year is another thing entirely. With various different items like timers, controllers, sensors, sprinkler heads, and other aspects to keep in mind, knowing how to schedule and maintain everything down the road may not seem so straight forward. Here we’ll look at some of the more basic irrigation scheduling techniques to keep in mind.

Irrigation System Installation Rockland County NY

Irrigation System Installation Rockland County NY

1. Basics

Be sure you know how to manage your controller and schedule your watering times accordingly. Know how to adjust the number of minutes and the frequency of watering (daily, few times a week, etc.), based on the season and the current daily and weekly weather.

2. When To Water

Watering should be done only at night after the sun has gone down in order to reduce evaporation losses and wasted water. If you prefer to watch the sprinklers while they’re watering start your system around 8pm so there is plenty of daylight but not much loss from evaporation.

3. Wet Soil

Proper irrigation management is really a matter of good observation and some dedication. One of the most basic irrigation scheduling rules which many people actually overlook is that if the soil is still wet, never allow your system to engage and spray more water, this can oversaturate and kill your lawn & plants.

4. Water Volume

Another rule for proper scheduling is that when you do water, don’t be too frugal or stingy. You want to saturate the dry soil so that water reaches from the surface all the way to the root structures of the plants and grass.

5. Multiple Start Times

Having an irrigation controller which offers multiple start time options is something most modern systems employ. By spreading out watering instead of focusing a large portion of time on a certain area, multiple start times allows you to evenly distribute water more effectively. This leads to less run off and less chance of over saturation.

There are many ways to manage your home sprinkler system effectively. With a little bit of research and practiced trial and error, you can work out which methods work the best for your home system. For the finest in Irrigation System Installation Rockland County NY, look no further than over 25 years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815