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Updated Commercial Patio Pavers and Masonry Specialization

February 5, 2017 10:33 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Operating a local business requires a variety of different needs both inside and outside of your doors during business hours. By providing a well constructed paved walkway with good looking commercial lighting you are able to create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients and potential customers.

Commercial Pavers Rockland NY

Commercial Pavers Rockland NY

Depending on the landscape size you have to work with, different types of stone, brick, or concrete can make a great addition to your companies environment, especially if your current path is in need of repair or renovations. Because this sort of project requires the use of heavy machinery, for removal of an out dated pathway and construction of a newer design, contacting your local hardscaping and commercial landscaping expert will be critically important.

Be sure to have some idea of what sort of new installations you have in mind that match the decor of your buildings architecture as well as any potential obstacles that may need to be dismantled. With even just a few minutes of research you can find and contact a well qualified, and insured, local landscaping service perfect for renovating your commercial space.

For the finest in Patio Pavers Rockland County NY contact Pro Cut Landscaping, servicing our community for nearly 30 years, and get a free project estimate today. 845-727-8815


Pro Cuts Landscaping Gives Donation To HighView Playground

December 21, 2011 5:19 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

In the true spirit of giving this holiday season, Pro Cut Landscaping has given its time, tools, and expertise to the High View Playground with some beautiful paver and walkway design. Take a look at the link below which videos the details of the installation, locations, and the quality of work you’d expect from our areas leading landscape and hardscape design team.


Hardscaping Rockland NY

Hardscaping Rockland NY Donation

and the completed walkway path:

Hardscaping Services Rockland NY

Pro Cuts Landscaping Finished Walkway Donation

Local residents were also able to give donations to the good cause and include their own engraving in the walkwayss bricks. Many businesses and residents took advantage of this and Pro Cut Landscaping made it all come together, on time, and for the kids.

If you have a similar project and need Rockland NY Hardscaping, no matter the size or scope, contact us for a free estimate and design consultation from our highly skilled team. 845-727-8815


Effective DIY Landscape Lighting Projects

November 2, 2011 1:39 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

Landscape lighting can be the key element to any distinctive landscape. However, many people fail to do a little careful planning before they attempt an installation. There are a couple of things you can do to help make your landscape lighting project easier and last longer.

landscape lighting, walkway lighting, rockland county landscape design

walkway and path lighting rockland county ny

1. Find the source of power (electrical outlet) and make sure the outlet has sufficient power for the transformer you will be using. The outlet also needs to have a weather proof cover.

2. Measure the length in feet from the furthest light to the transformer, this will help you determine what gauge wire should be used and how many volts you should connect to it. If your longest run is over 300′ you may want to consider using LED lights which use less power or having an electrician install another outlet for another transformer closer to the fixtures. It is very important to use a multi-meter when finalizing your connections, landscape lights work on 12v electricity, so it is imperative that each light is reading no less than 10.7 volts and no more than 12.3volts. Too much or not enough electricity can cause a failure in the light fixture as well as the wire.

3. Count the number of fixtures you are planning to install before you choose a transformer. Most transformers are available in 300, 600, 900 and 1200 watt configurations. For example, if you are installing 20 – 25watt fixtures, you know you will need a transformer with at least 500 watts of output. However, we do recommend that you leave at least 25% open, for example, if you are using a 600 watt transformer, you should only connect 450watts worth of fixtures to it, this will prolong the life of the transformer as well as the wire and fixtures.

landscape lighting rockland county ny, landscape design

landscape lighting in rockland county ny

4. Make sure you are using direct burial underground rate wire nuts. This is imperative. Since the wires will be buried in dirt and mulch you want to make sure that you are not getting any moisture in the electrical connections, this can cause a fixture and wire to go bad. If you are installing a wire under a driveway, walkway or any other hard surface it is highly recommended that you install the wire using an electrical conduit in the event that an additional wire needs to be installed or replaced.

5. Choose the right brand of lights, transformer and wire. We strongly advise against any low-end home-depot style lighting system. Many people chose the cheapest brand for their installation and wonder they the lights only last a few years. A good landscape light fixture is around $125 each and a good transformer can start at $300-$500. Don’t use a low quality lighting system, you will be sorry you did. Also, LED lighting is now coming down in price, these fixtures use a lot less electricity, allowing more lights per transformer and less wire used, saving on material and labor, however, the fixtures are about 20% more expensive than standard halogen fixtures.

If you are looking for the right contractor to install your landscape lighting system in rockland county ny please call Pro Cut Landscaping, Inc. at 845-727-8815.


Hardscaping Ideas For Your Home Landscape

October 31, 2011 3:39 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

When planning a landscaping project for your front or back yard, many home owners look to incorporate different hardscape designs to improve the look and feel of their living space. From walkways to patio areas and more, the choices today as far as material and style are vast.

Hardscaping Rockland NY

Hardscaping Rockland NY

Choosing The Right Hardscape Design

Depending on a few different factors like size of yard, obstacles, and current landscaping, choosing the right hardscaping project can be a bit overwhelming but also exciting and rewarding. You need to consider what exactly you’re looking to get out of new hardscape designs and improvements to your yard. No longer are home owners reserved to simple brick or cement, options today allow artistic and extravagant designs to be possible, so keep your eyes open for a design that suits you best.

Choosing The Right Materials

With so many options and materials available today, the design possibilities are seemingly endless. This can actually lead to making a decision a bit more difficult. A few of the most popular hardscape design materials include: concrete, textured mats, terra-cotta tile, concrete, stone, gravel, and slate. Just like plants, choosing the right paving and hardscaping materials can add great appeal to your garden or backyard through visual colors, textures, and patterns.

Finding A Local Hardscaper

Hardscaping typically involves quite a bit of planning, heavy lifting, and skilled workmanship to complete. When you have a design idea in mind and are ready to move forwards with your project, it will be crucial to contact a hardscaping design team in your local area. Skilled companies offer free design ideas and will gladly help you find the right fit for your home.

Looking for Hardscaping Rockland NY, contact 25 year area veteran Pro Cut Landscaping and see what sort of options are available to you today.