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New Estate Gates and Custom Landscape Fencing

September 19, 2019 5:45 pm
posted by procutlandscaping

New homes or home owners looking to make an update in clarity to their property lines will have a few ways to really mark off specific areas and sizes while also looking great. Enter, custom build fences and also great looking and functional estate gates. Now, depending on the size of your property, you’ll want to consider the different options available to you, here we’ll look at those options.

Estate Gates and Fencing Rockland NY

Estate Gates and Fencing Rockland NY

Custom Fence Varieties

Fencing does more than just mark property lines, it is also a great way to really turn your home into an enclosed unit. There can be a few different reasons to do this, one of the most important and popular is to prevent your children from straying too far from home and when it comes to pets, keeping your dogs safe and close to home as well. Chain link fences that are cheap and were popular in the 1970’s are more for tennis courts and high school baseball fields than for homes today.

Consider your options:

  • Natural Stone Fencing – these custom hand built fences are beautifully rustic, and can withstand all manner of weather that we see here in the north east.
  • Synthetic Fencing – these varieties can come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors and offer a great looking and cost effective way to enclose your property while keeping it customized.
  • Wood – traditional and natural, wood has always been used for fencing. Today though, the quality and type of wood is important, go for something sturdy and properly finished.
  • Composite Material – this fencing varietal is sturdy and is composed of layered materials. It can withstand harsh weather and typically has a life time guarantee.
  • Picket Fencing – this traditional look produced typically of wood is humble and majestic. It can also be painted in any color that you prefer.

There are other varieties to choose from, but typically most home owners will go with one of these popular options listed above. You can always consult with your local landscaping contractor for a quote and to figure out what look and material best fits your home and its needs.

Estate Gate Options

Estate gates are majestic and offer an added layer of security for home owners. If you’re considering one, you’ll want to look at the different options when it comes to materials and control systems. These control system choices include:

  • Infrared Sensors – where the gate opens automatically when you are approaching or leaving.
  • Keypads – this is a common variety where you’ll enter a code and open the gate when entering.
  • Voice/Video intercoms – are great for security and also seeing who has approached your gate for access or deliveries.
  • Transmitters and receivers – similar to garage door openers these can be pressed to open the gates or close them.
  • Manual Gates – these will require someone or yourself manually opening the gate (not convenient in weather)
  • Gate Timers – these will automatically open and close at times that you personally set. For example, if you leave at 5am every day for work, the gate can open at 4:59am every day.

Affordability of Gates and Fences

When people see an estate gate and beautiful custom built estate fence, they often think of a huge price tag associated with the construction. But this is far from the truth. With today’s technology and access to a varying range of materials, gates and fences do not have to be reserved for the extremely wealthy alone. Be sure to do some research but really get out there and ask a few local landscape design contractors, what options you have within your set budget. You may be surprised how affordable a modern day estate gate and fence is.

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Improve Your Home Landscaping With An Estate Gate

December 26, 2017 8:09 pm
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Looking to make an impression on your guests, neighbors, and friends when arriving at your home? An estate gate is an ideal solution to bring your home landscaping full circle while at the same time providing an additional measure of security and luxury.

Home Estate Gates Rockland County NY

Home Estate Gates Rockland County NY

Different Gate Varieties

There is a wide range of different styles when it comes to driveway gates. Options include: Slide gates, barrier gates, vertical pivot gates, swing gates, and vertical lift gates for starter. Some of the most popular varieties are automated slide gates because of their convenience and speed opening and closing.

Material Options

Further customization is available when considering the materials for your driveway gate. If you already have a home fence it is a good idea to match colors and materials where possible. Steel and other metal varieties can be used but so to can wood which adds a tremendous amount of unique appeal and beauty.

Who To Hire

This sort of project is not something to just jump into straight away, its first to consult an expert who can survey your home and work with you from the ground up. Ensuring that you hire the right team for the job is a must and can make or break the longevity and lifetime you can expect from your driveway gate.

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Choosing Fencing & Estate Gate Varieties

May 6, 2015 7:34 am
posted by procutlandscaping


Is your home in dire need of a fencing repair or update? Looking to make property lines as clear as possible? Or looking for a great way to not only enclose your property but also offer a great looking atmosphere and improvement to your landscaping with an estate gate or new fence?

Estate Gate Contractor Rockland NY

Estate Gate Contractor Rockland County NY

Here we’ll look at some of the varieties to keep in mind when considering an update to your landscape design of this size.

Fencing Varieties

There are quite a few different styles of fencing to consider, the most popular of which include: ornamental, PVC, wood, chain link, and agricultural. The variety that best suits your home landscaping should work well with the outdoor decor of your home and current design. Chain link may not work well for your home but may for a commercial property.

Different wood varieties and agricultural fence types like split rail, farm fence, Kentucky Board, cross buck, ranch rail, to name a few, can offer a provide a great looking enclosure that still stays connected to nature and our natural surroundings. Ornamental aluminum and PVC can provide a great measure of security to your home while offering a number of different height, color and style options to choose from. Work with your local landscape professional to determine which design best suits your home or commercial space.

Estate Driveway Gates & Arched Entries

This entrance to your driveway is a statement unto itself, providing great aesthetic value as well as a great measure of additional security. Perfect for private businesses, condominium complexes, large estates, as well as your home; a number of varieties are available from medieval looks to more modern flare. With automatic gate openers and access controls as a functional option, as well as intercom connection to and from your home, your can choose as sophisticated a design as you see fit.

Having a beautiful looking fence or automatic estate gate doesn’t have to be tacky or overly expensive. With even just a few minutes online you can determine which is the most suitable option, so get in touch with the #1 Estate Gate Contractor Rockland County NY, right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815


New Estate Gate and Fence Options To Consider

April 16, 2013 12:55 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Depending on where you live and how much property you own, you may be considering a few different options regarding fencing and gate systems for your homes protection as well as outdoor aesthetics. If you’ve ever seen professionally designed and installed estate gates, automatic gates, or famous brand installations like Jerith, Country Estate, and Delgard; you’ve gotten a clear example of how they can truly bring a home landscape together.

Here we’ll look at some of the functional and great looking options to consider.

Estate Gates Rockland County NY

Estate Gates Rockland County NY

1. Fencing

In some communities in lower NY and northern NJ where we live in relatively tight quarters with all of our neighbors, a fence is a great way to keep property lines known without being too intrusive, and can also be a great way to add some individual flair to your home’s design. Many home owners utilize classic chain link and PVC fencing, but that is far from your only choices. With natural wood, stone (cut or natural), pool fencing, Aluminum arbor fencing, garden enclosures, farm or horse paddock designs, or even Dog Watch fenced in areas, you can really get creative in the design and material used for the fence around your home.

2. Estate Gates

If you’ve ever been through Tuxedo Park or many different neighborhoods in the region, you may have noticed the design and installation of various styles of automatic gates and estate gates that not only keep your driveway closed to the public, but also look great and really add a sense of security to your landscaping. From automatic gates with large stone pillars, complete aluminum designs, to other good looking options here you’ll have the freedom to choose different stone varieties be that brick, blue stone, natural stone, etc.

3. Who To Hire

Because fence and gate installations are no small task, you’ll want to seriously consider your options when looking for a contractor in the area. Ask around, do you have any friends or family with a gate or fence that you like? Where did they get help and who did they hire? Also, if you’re unsure of a companies qualifications ask for some past work examples or a portfolio. Any company unwilling to provide this basic info should be put into question.

With even just a few minutes of planning you can design and get the ball rolling on a beautiful and fully functional estate gate and new or improved property fence, really bringing your landscaping full circle. If you’re a new home owner this is usually one of the lasts steps to get completed after construction has finished, so be sure to plan this into your coordinated effort. For the best Estate Gates Rockland County NY, look no further than right here at Pro Cut Landscaping and over 25+ years of local expertise. 845-727-8815