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Custom Swimming Pool Design and Poolside Landscaping

April 10, 2019 5:09 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


Spring is finally here and a few weeks in, the warm weather is finally starting to stick around. That means getting outside and soaking up the good weather that finally has arrived, especially considering how brutally cold this winter was. Buds are starting to form on trees, the days are lighter longer, and we may even to go outside with short sleeves on consistently soon! So, if you’ve been thinking about adding or updating a pool to your home this year, now is the best possible time to start considering your options. Here we’ll look at a few things to keep in mind.

Custom Swimming Pools Rockland NY

Custom Swimming Pools Rockland NY

1. Custom Swimming Pool Designs

Instead of standard round above ground pools, or standard rectangular in-ground pools, custom pools are now all the rage and for good reason. When you can choose a shape that looks great, is inviting, and that can be customized, only your imagination can limit you. Figure 8? Oblong or rounded? Attached hot-tub? Outdoor shower? Water slide? Diving board? The area around the pool should also not be forgotten. Different stones, tiles, color schemes, and overall look an feel can be exciting and great looking.

2. Poolside Design and Landscaping

The pool is one thing, but don’t forget the area around the pool! No one spends every moment in the water and having a friendly and functional pool area can really tie everything together. Options like outdoor showers, bungalows, a bar set up, grill set up, fireplace, are some options to consider, even additional water features. What about plants and trees? Color can really liven a place up and choosing great plants and flower species is a great way to do just that. Talk to your local pool specialist to see what suits our area the most.

3. Attached Deck Choices

So, if in-ground is not something you’re considering, above ground choices are also great. What has become popular is enclosing the entire pool within a deck connected to the home. This can be one or two tier in terms of height, but this allows for a great way to get from your house straight to the pool without even putting on shoes. Great for parties like graduations and showers, or just a normal weekend of barbecue and fun in the sun. Your kids will love this option and so will you.

With spring here and summer coming, you’re “burning daylight” if you aren’t seriously considering updates to your home landscape design this warm weather season. For the best in Custom Swimming Pools Rockland NY, look no further than 30+ years in local expertise, right here at, call today for a free consultation and quote. 845-727-8815