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Home Landscape Design – Custom Pools, Patios & Stone Work

April 19, 2019 4:32 pm
posted by procutlandscaping


With spring finally here, things are looking up as we crest towards 70+ degree days. So, with good vibes of warm thoughts in mind it is a great time to start taking a look at your home landscape design and what you’d like to see updated this year. Making the most of your outdoor space is something that can really complete a home and allows the family and friends to come over and enjoy our beautiful spring, summer, and fall. Lets look at some of the best choices you can think about for the spring starting soon.

Custom Stone Work Rockland NY

Custom Stone Work Rockland NY

1. Custom Fireplaces

With winter not fully gone yet and the fact that spring can have cold nights as well as autumn, a custom built fireplace is the best way to start and continue enjoying the outdoors when the weather is still a bit chilly. With all variety of choices regarding the design shape and materials used, like brick, stone, tile, and other varieties to consider. You can even have a wood fire or charcoal fire oven installed that functions as both a fireplace and a great way to bake and roast meals or pizzas right outside.

2. Custom Patios

This is usually the foundation of any great and functional outdoor space. A patio is the start. Custom fireplaces or outdoor kitchens will always go on the patio you have so making sure they work together and not against one another is important to aesthetics and function. Choosing similar stone varieties or paver options can give the feeling from the ground up of a space to cherish and enjoy. It will also need to be firm and well constructed as 4 seasons per year requires some quality craftsmanship.

3. Custom Pools

This goes beyond simply choosing if you’ll have an in-ground or above ground pool. Custom pools can include everything from different shapes, to hot tub attachments, or the landscaping and stone work that surrounds the pool. We’re talking about the entire pool area not simply the water. Consider things like water features or different plant varieties for the look, and consider different types of stone for the paths and walkways surrounding the pool. Or, if it’s above ground, consider a bi level deck that goes up and down to the water in a great and functional atmosphere. Nothing is off limits when it comes to your imagination.

4. Custom Stone Work

All of the above projects typically have the use of stone and other brick or rock varieties to offer great looking and long standing additions to your home landscaping design. Custom stone work also includes walkways, paths, retaining walls, estate gates, and other aspects of landscaping that you may be considering. Custom means just that, one of a kind or unique, and this is great to have a great looking and individual outdoor living space like no one else’s. Keep this in mind when you’re at the drawing board, what makes your outdoor space yours? Add that finishing touch to your home’s landscaping and see what a difference it can make.

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