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Modern Home Landscaping Bluestone Ideas – Patios & Retaining Walls

October 9, 2016 9:27 am
posted by procutlandscaping


If you’re considering an upgrade to your home’s current landscaping or new installation you may be consideringĀ the idea of an improved or brand new patio. Whether for your front yard, pool side, or on the veranda, one of the most popular and beautiful materials available is bluestone. This is not your typical “DIY” project and will require a specialized team to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Here we look at some concepts for a bluestone patio:

Bluestone Patios Rockland NY

Bluestone Patios Rockland County NY

1. Backyard Patio

Everyone wants an individual and good looking backyard, whether for relaxing, holding parties, or simply barbecuing with the family. Bluestone tiles offer a color scheme that fit with most landscapes and can look wonderful with even just a few plants and furniture placed strategically around the trim or retaining walls.

2. Pool Deck

Another popular design is utilizing bluestone to enhance the look and feel of your pool side or pool deck. With the ability to incorporate different shapes like squares, zig zags, circles, or other shapes, you can ensure your pool deck is like no one else’s.

3. The Veranda

If you’re not looking to redo your backyard patio or don’t have a pool or garden, bluestone offers a nice option for improving overall aesthetics. It can be used for stairs, or bluestone patio pavers for seating or even grilling arrangements. Because a porch or veranda is the most common outdoor landscaping a few well placed potted plants and flowers, or even hanging, can enhance your outdoor decor dramatically.

There are tonsĀ of different options to consider if you’re looking to have this sort of work done. Be sure to get more than one estimate as different professional landscape contractors will have different skill sets and cost + time frames for work completion. For the best Bluestone Patios Rockland County NY, look no further than 25 year local expert, Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815