Outdoor Kitchens Design and Fireplaces Ring In Fall Season


Fall has arrived and with that comes cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, and NFL football. But it doesn’t mean that we have to be reserved to staying indoors to cook, hang out, or watch the game. Take advantage of fall time specials on larger scale projects like outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces to get the most out of fall this year. Here we’ll look at some design options that are popular and offer aesthetic beauty and functional usefulness.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Rockland NY

Outdoor Kitchen Design Rockland NY

Outdoor Kitchen Design Options

Many home owners have their grill outside, either on the back deck or patio, but that tends to be where it stops. This falls far short of what we mean when we say “outdoor kitchen”. Modern day outdoor kitchens incorporate a number of different things. Firstly, of course is the grill and is arguably the most important piece as it will do the majority of the cooking. But with great masonry you can contain the grill, additional side burners, a sink, mini fridge, over, and smoker, all within a single unit. This is the sort of out door kitchen space that can really bring a home design together and that the family can really get behind no matter the season. Choose from different masonry stone options, color choices, appliance size and brand, and more. Only your imagination limits you as some home owners even have a brick oven set in their outdoor kitchen area which produces heat and can really help you broaden your culinary horizons.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Options

Nothing beats cooking at your outdoor kitchen than being able to stay outdoors and enjoy your meal no matter the season. Here is where an outdoor fireplace comes into play. But these may not be traditional fireplaces like the one’s in the home. These can range from brick ovens (which can be used to heat but also to cook), fire pits, outdoor traditional fire places, wood or gas varieties, and different size choices. If you have an outdoor kitchen you’ll want to get the outdoor fireplace installed in a smart spatial way to the kitchen, typically on the other side of the patio to make it feel like an enclosure. They can be installed as stand-alone units or in-set similar to the way in which a grill is in-set on an outdoor kitchen.

Getting Started Today

Fall has just arrived and as the leaves begin to change colors many of us want to be outdoors as much as possible before the cold winter arrives. That means getting moving today when it comes to getting an outdoor kitchen or fireplace installed before it’s too cold. This way the work can get done quickly, you’ll get a better deal as its later in the season, and there is still plenty of time left to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. So don’t hesitate to contact your local landscape design contractor today for the latest and greatest this fall.

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