New Pool Installation and Landscaping Ideas


Summer is in full swing with temperatures over 90 on a regular basis now. So, your plan for installing a pool this year has arrived. There are a few steps you’ll need to under take and one of those is a building permit, but before that you should have a strong idea of what exactly you’re looking for. Here we’ll look at some of the most prominent new pool ideas for home owners in our area. You can use these ideas directly or in conjunction with your own ideas regarding the size, shape, and scope of your new pool project.

New Pool Installation Rockland NY

New Pool Installation Rockland NY

Above Ground Vs. In-Ground Pools

This is one of the first items you’ll need to decide. Each pool is great and one may be more fitting for you and your family then another. There are also different requirements for building permits and laws regarding a pool area. For example, an in-ground pool must be surrounded by a closed fence that fits the requirements in the State of New York. Above ground pools will not require a fence of course but you may want to consider options like building a deck area around the pool. Or extend your current deck to have a lower level that connects to the pool so the pool is surrounded by deck space. These are all great options that you should be considering.

Pool Area Options

This was touched on briefly above, but you will want to consider your pool area when deciding what sort of pool you’ll be installing. For in-ground pools you’ll need fencing, but also should consider what sort of area will be around the pool. What pool side landscaping would you like to see? Trees and shrubs or other plantings like flowers? Also, what sort of material should make your pool deck? Concrete? Brick? Or something more natural like blue stone or other pavers? For above ground pools you’ll also need to make some choices. Will the pool stand alone in the yard or will it be connected to your deck? Will you make space for plantings around the perimeter of the pool? All things to consider.

Who To Hire

This sort of work, especially for an in-ground pool will take more than just an average landscaping company. Having the right equipment like backhoes and other large machinery will make the difference between a job well done and a job that cannot even be started. You should be pricing a few locations to ensure you’re getting the best competitive quote but also keep in mind the time in business and other past work completion examples. There is a fine line between a good deal and a poor job so be sure you’re getting a consultation in terms of design options and materials. Look for landscaping contractors that do more than lawn mowing, as most will not be capable of installing any variety of pool let a lone an in-ground one.

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