Autumn Landscaping Checklist & Home Landscaping Design Options


Fall started a few weeks ago and despite us still have bouts of warm weather, it’s important to start thinking about preparing your home landscaping for the colder parts of autumn and of course for the freezing chills of winter. If last winter is any sort of a benchmark for what we’ll see this year, then it’s important to not wait on important aspects of fall winterization. Here we’ll look at the most important one’s to keep in mind and start knocking off your list this fall before the first freeze.

Home Landscaping Design Orange County NY

Home Landscaping Design Orange County NY

1. Season Ending Sales

Following an incredibly busy spring and summer, many landscaping companies are gearing up for the ice management and snow removal that will dominate the cold winter months. However, the fall is a great time to take advantage of some great deals on larger scale and smaller scale projects you may have put off this summer. For example, a retaining wall or walkway can be the perfect fit for your home landscaping, but the summer simply went too quickly and was too busy to make the plans and get things rolling. Don’t wait another 6+ months to improve your homes outdoor decor. Options like an outdoor fire place not only look great but allow you to keep enjoying the outdoors as the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder. Be sure to be proactive and get a quote today, you’ll be happy with what you see.

2. Fall Leaf Clean Up & Lawn Maintenance

Depending on how large your property is, be it a 1/4 acre to an acre and beyond, and depending on the amount of foliage as well as the type of foliage, you may be expecting some major leaf clean up each and every week before and beyond Halloween. This is incredibly time consuming and can be back breaking work even with a leaf blower or leaf mulcher. If you don’t have these tools it’s an incredible difficult proposition. Not to mention the grass will continue to grow until around when the leaves really fall depending on the temperature, so it could turn out to be a major mess. If you haven’t already had lawn care throughout the spring and summer, you’re not only missing out of the cost effective convenience, but also now is a great time to take advantage of season ending packages. Landscapers are often looking to make the most of the fall and this is one great way to get a great deal and save yourself the hassle.

Fall Clean Up Orange County NY

Fall Clean Up Orange County NY

3. Irrigation Systems and Sprinkler System Winterization

If you have a professionally installed home sprinkler system which conveniently waters your yard, gardens, and plants throughout your property, it is essential that you ensure it is completely winterized before the first freeze. Not doing so puts the entire integrity of the system at risk for bursting pipes, major damage to junctions and zones, as well as a high cost to replace entire lines and mechanisms. The beauty of a sprinkler system is seen from Spring to Summer and Fall, but by the time Autumn has lost all its leaves the night times are more than likely at or below the freezing point. Be sure to contact your local landscaping irrigation system specialist to come in and see to it that every area of the system is prepared for the freezing of winter.

For the heat we’ve had this summer, and the continuing warm weather despite the date now, it seems surreal that its really fall and winter is just around the corner. Don’t let shorter days ruin your foresight for planning properly for the winter and also taking advantage of the home landscaping design opportunities still ready to go this year. Let the end of 2018 be a memorable one, not only for your family, but for the property value and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

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