Fall Landscaping Checklist To Keep In Mind


The weather has already started to change from hot and humid to more temperate and even chilly. With the summer behind us, it’s a great time to look ahead to the fall with a mind on your home landscaping. What your property needs during the fall is far different than what it needs during the hot summer months. Here we’ll look at a list of things to keep in mind moving forwards.

Landscaping Company Bergen County NJ

Landscaping Company Bergen County NJ

1. Automated Sprinkler System Winterization

Though it isn’t yet freezing at night, it’s time to start thinking about your home sprinkler system. Lines need to be cleared, pumps and sensory shut down and removed where necessary, not to mention checking every inch of the line above ground for damage or repair next year. For most this is time consuming and can be tricky, so be sure to bring in your local landscape company who installed the system to do a season ending winterization.

2. Lawn Maintenance

Depending on the size of your property and the number of trees on your yard (not to mention the type of trees), getting out and raking or leaf blowing won’t be an option. Be sure to consider a landscape specialist who has there system in place for lawn care. Mowing, leaf cleanup is important. If leaves remain throughout the poor weather they will suffocate and drown your grass and plants and create more of a mess and lawn chaos which is not easy to rectify.

3. Making The Most Of Season Ending Discounts

The best landscape companies will have been incredibly busy over the summer, and as the busy season starts to wind down, they will look to keep moving forwards by offering great deals on larger projects. Options like retaining walls, paths, estate gates & fences, water features, and all sorts of landscaping can really be taken advantage of. Be sure to ask questions and plan your current project accordingly. Why wait until next year when you can get it done now?

Our summer was hot, humid, and full of sun. Now, as the seasons change you don’t have to put your home landscaping on hold until next year. Keep the few points in mind as we move through fall and make the most of the daylight hours when you can! For the best in Landscaping Company Bergen County NJ, look no further than 30 years of local expertise, right here at ProCutLandscaping.com 845-727-8815

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