Warmer Weather Means More Home Landscaping Responsibilities


Despite spring arriving almost a month ago now the weather hasn’t really gotten warm yet. But it is on the horizon and that means greater responsibilities to maintain and update your home landscape design. Let’s consider the weekly and monthly needs your lawncare requires during the warm weather months.

Home Landscaping Monroe NY

Home Landscaping Monroe NY

1. Lawn Care & Plant Maintenance

This may seem obvious, but mowing your lawn is something that really does need to be done on a weekly basis. Depending on the rain and sun levels, grass will grow at varying speeds but the consistently of weekly upkeep is a must. On top of that, depending on the level of shrubbery, small plants, trees and vines you may have, pruning and maintaining there health is something that should be tended to and considered at least on a monthly basis.

2. Reading Automated Sprinkler Systems

With warmer weather nearly here consistently and the risk of overnight freezing nearly gone, setting up your automated home sprinkler system for use is crucial to ensuring there was no damages to the system or lines over the winter and setting up sensors and spouts. You’ll want a professional irrigation system installation crew to go through the extensive checklist to check every region of the system, every pipe and spout, every sensor, and so on. This can be time consuming and needs to be done at the beginning of the season, checked after consistent use (usually every few weeks or so), and then again to winterize the system in the fall.

3. Pool Side Landscaping – Pool Side Tiling

Do you have a dated inground pool with cracked sidings or missing tiles? Is your pool area in serious need of a landscaping overhaul? Today, you don’t have to consider 15 different contractors for every little thing, complete landscaping contractors are able to cover every aspect of an outdoor living space from lawn maintenance to pool setup and beyond. Get help with choosing the best tiles for your pool and the best plant varieties.

The winter has been holding on as long as it can but that fight will soon be over as consistently warm weather starts to be present. Be sure you are ready for all the additional needs your landscaping will have with the warm weather. For the best in Home Landscaping Monroe NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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