Professional Home Sprinkler System Maintenance

If you have a professionally installed sprinkler system, ¬†you’ve experienced the benefits of an automated watering system in a number of ways. But how can you tell when it’s time for maintenance or a system check up? Here we’ll look at some signs to keep your eye out for when inspecting or using your sprinkler system.

1. Damaged or Old Sprinkler Heads

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland County NY

Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland County NY

The most common part of an automated irrigation system where issues may arise is the actual sprinkler heads located along the systems length. Because these are the most used portion, they have moving parts, and release or spray water; they are the most likely to need repair or inspection. Things like dirt, leaves, and grass can clog sprinkler heads as well, so even if there is no damages, they will not function properly.

2. Old Timers & Water Sensors

As important as the functionality of your sprinkler heads is ensuring that any timers and water sensors are also functioning properly. If they are very old or have been used for a long time they may need to be replaced entirely. If you notice your system is not watering when it is supposed to or if does not water or turn off properly based on the actual rain fall, inspection and repair or replacement of these parts may be in order.

3. System Inspection

For the most basic portions of inspection you can personally walk along the routes of pipes and sprinkler heads to see if any visible damage is obvious. But for portions that run underground or require special skills or a good eye to spot, you’ll want to contact your irrigation system specialist to complete a thorough inspection and conduct repairs where needed.

Keeping your sprinkler system in good shape doesn’t take that much energy and will help ensure the lifetime of the system as a whole. For the best in Home Sprinkler Systems Rockland County NY, look no further than 25+ years of local expertise with Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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