Benefits Of A Paver Patio Pool Deck


There is an ongoing debate in the pool patio world, which boils down to: “Which is better swimming pool patio material: stamped concrete or pavers?”. Here we’ll look at one answer to that question as we look at the benefits and popularity of patio pavers to consider for your pool area.

Pool Paver Patios Rockland County NY

Pool Paver Patios Rockland County NY

1. Longevity

One of the most clear benefits to using Pavers for your pool side patio is because of the fact that they are not concrete and will not crack if installed and maintained properly. This is a major advantage because once the patio is installed you don’t have to worry about major need for repairs or a new installation years from now, where as standard concrete will always crack over time.

2. Ease Of Access

As is common around pool areas, sometimes pipes and other aspects of the pool and filtration system will run underground around the pool area towards the home or elsewhere. If you have a concrete patio, getting under that ground to complete repairs is a major problem. Not only does the concrete need to be jack hammered out, but then has to be put back as a new laying. Pavers, on the other hand, offer the ease of access that comes with individual blocks being placed. Need to make a repair? They’re easy to remove and replace.

3. Anti-Slip Surface

Another advantage to pavers is that they are naturally not slippery (unless sealed) which is a very important aspect around a pool area where there is always water, and the potential of young children running around the area. Concrete on the other hand becomes anti-slip only if there are special pieces mixed in to the mix to keep it less slippery, no need for this when using pavers.

There are benefits to using either concrete or pavers for your pool side patio, but in terms of function and aesthetics pavers are typically more popular. For the finest in Pool Paver Patios Rockland County NY, look no further than over 25 years of expertise right here at Pro Cut Landscaping. 845-727-8815

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