Choosing Stone Varieties For Your Walkways and Patios


If you’re looking to have a new walkway or patio installed, or looking to redesign or overhaul your current features, you’ll have a few different good looking and functional options to choose from when considering varieties of stone. Here we’ll look at some of the benefits and features of the most popular and common types of stone used in patio design and walkway development.

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1. Slate

Because slate is cut naturally there will almost always be some need to fit the pieces together, almost like a puzzle. This creates a good looking and natural feel to your walkway or patio, and it is important to discuss the quality of the slate with your local landscaper. Poor quality slate can chip and flake rather easily, so keep this in mind when planning.

2. Flagstone

Similarly to slate, flagstone is a natural stone that is used with patios and pavers. Possible shades or colors are red, blue, tan as it is quarried from sandstone, bluestone, and limestone. This natural stone can be manufactured for thickness and width, so discuss this with your landscaper.

3. Cobblestone

Cobblestone can add a classic look, or “old world” look to your patios and walkways. Available in a range of colors including shades of beige, red, blue, and more.

4. Marble

We’ve all seen famous historical statues and buildings made of marble, now you can add that to your homes look and feel today. Pavers designed from natural marble and shaped and cut into small sections or large tiles for outdoor walkways or flooring. They can also have different finishes like polished, buffed, or natural.

5. Granite

Similarly to marble, granite is a natural cut stone which can be used in large or small sections. Finish options are also available, so it’s a good idea to discuss this with your local landscaper and see what suggestions they may have.

This is a short list of the stone options you’ll have when considering walkways or patio pavers. Knowing what will work best with your landscaping and what is the most suitable for your property doesn’t have to be difficult, so ask your local expert for some suggestions if you need them. For the best Patio Pavers Rockland NY, look no further than Pro Cut Landscaping.

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